This surprising ingredient keeps real Christmas trees looking fresher for longer

While many of us opt for fake Christmas trees these days (whether because of the ease of maintenance or because it’s more cost-efficient in the long run), some of us can’t deny the magic and romance of a real tree in our living rooms come Christmas time.

picking out Christmas tree
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Picking out the perfect tree, lovingly wrestling it home (without it losing all of its needles) and then basking in its gorgeous natural pine scent every day throughout the festive period – what could be better?

Of course, we’ve slightly glossed over their high maintenance needs there – as we alluded to above, the maintenance of a real tree can be somewhat  time-consuming, from the constant watering to the even more constant hoovering of dropped needles (sigh). Too often its branches are already drooping by Christmas Eve, so any hack that promises to help keep our precious Christmas tree alive indoors for as long as possible is music to our ears.

bauble on Christmas tree
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Gardening expert David Domoney recently joined Holly and Phil on This Morning to share his top tips for caring for a real Christmas tree and one surprising hack caught everyone’s attention.

David Domoney on This Morning

David revealed that, while Christmas trees require plenty of watering, they also need feeding, too – and there’s a rather surprising Christmas tree food that’s probably already in your kitchen. ‘You can use florist’s cut flower food,’ the gardening expert started, ‘or you can just mix up some sugar water or full-fat lemonade’. To which Phillip Schofield replied, in unison with every baffled viewer, ‘Lemonade?!’

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David went on to explain that its the high sugar content in the surprising Christmas tree food that will keep your tree looking fresher for longer. ‘Yes, it’s the sugar really Phillip,’ he explained. ‘It’s an element of food within. You’d be surprised just how much water the tree takes up, so adding a little bit of food keeps them looking fresher.’

So if you’re heading out to pick up a real Christmas tree this weekend, you might want to stock up on a few bottles of R.Whites on your way back, too.