Editor’s letter: Now for the good news

It occurred to me as I sat down to write my note to you this week that we’ve made it to the halfway point of the year. I’d really like to take this moment to congratulate us all. For many reasons, living through 2020 has felt like walking through waist-deep treacle. While wearing concrete boots. I can’t decide whether I’m upset the year is half over and we’ve all had to accept losing precious time to enact plans and dreams, or thrilled that this weird annus horribilis is half over.

One thing that has helped me personally during this time has been seeking out good news. I’m not one to dwell on the negatives, preferring to pour my energies into doing what I can to improve a situation, or at least my outlook. But I would imagine that even the most positive among us have been gripped by more bouts of anxiety this year. Here, in case of need, are a few of my personal sources of joy right now…

If you’ve never tried meditation I’d highly recommend it. I think people imagine it’s a lot of effort and a lot of saying ‘om’. It’s not. Get started with a user-friendly app like Headspace or Digipill. They’re two of my favourites for helping me restore myself with a bit of mindfulness. You will be amazed how refreshed and energised you can feel after just 15 minutes.

The @goodnews_movement Instagram account is hardly a secret, given it has 1.4 million followers, but in case you don’t know about it: treat your head and your heart. Time spent reading their posts is time being enriched by just how wonderful human beings really can be to one another. Also worth checking out on Instagram is the undisputed comedy queen of lockdown life, Daisy May Cooper. One of the stars and creators of the hit TV show This Country, Daisy updates us daily with ‘sultry’ dances to tunes like the Channel 4 News intro music, brilliantly ridiculous chats with her toddler daughter and, more recently, her conversations with a hapless would-be suitor, now nicknamed The Sea Captain. Their ‘romance’ is better than anything The Archers has come up with in a while. Controversial? Sorry.

Now is the time to watch Schitt’s Creek. If you’ve not seen the outstanding TV comedy on Netflix, it’s about a mega-wealthy society family who’ve lost it all and must move to the dusty American town of the title. It’s viciously hilarious but also has such warmth with its underlying message about what and who really matter. It’s a must-watch for anyone who badly needs a laugh. And who doesn’t?

We all know there has been so much pain and loneliness inflicted by this pandemic. I don’t think there can be anyone on earth who hasn’t been affected in some way. That is why at YOU magazine, we’re committed to being one of those pleasing pockets of distraction. If you have time to share something happy or funny that’s cheered you up lately, we won’t say no! Enjoy the issue.

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