The hero beauty products A-list make-up artist Justine Jenkins can’t live without

Celebrity make-up artist and cruelty-free trailblazer Justine Jenkins has spearheaded a new approach to beauty. Here she reveals the products she swears by. From glowing skin to lush lashes, these cruelty-free buys really deliver.

Justine jenkins

1. Seeds of Colour Natural Colour Balm, £21, This is my favourite product to transform dull and dry skin. The texture glides on to eyes, cheeks and lips making it easy to apply and blend. We all need a speed option so if I have five minutes to do someone’s make-up, I go for this.

colour balm

2. Monika Blunder Beauty Blunder Cover, £45, You can build this foundation up for good coverage or sheer it out for a more diffused canvas. Either way, your skin will look luminous. Its buildable formula means it works well as a concealer, too, so a good multi-use product.


3. Hourglass Curator Lash Instrument, £71, Hourglass is the premium luxury vegan brand. This is a solution to the impossible-to-recycle mascara wand. It’s beautiful to use and incredibly effective.

lash instrument

4. Axiology Lip to Lid Balmies, £11 each, You can use these anywhere on the face, but my preference is as a blush, blended with fingers. Wrapped in paper and housed in a card case, they are zero waste and palm oil free. A hydrating formula suitable for all skin types.

lip balm

5. All Earth Mineral Cream Tint, £16, These pots of mineral colour cream are a great multi-use product from this Cornish brand. Designed to work anywhere on the face, I use them most as a lip and cheek product.

mineral cream tint



6. Juni Cosmetics Luxury Hydrating Lipstick, £48, A clever recyclable and beautiful aluminium design, gorgeous hydrating colours with a satin finish and containing 92 per cent organic ingredients. Eco luxe at its best.


7. The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation, £16, A great moisturising base that stands up to others double the price. I use it on practically everyone as it blends beautifully and gives a radiant, natural finish.

body shop foundation

8. Kili Beauty Golden Skin Glow Liquid Bronzer, £24, I love that it is pearlescent free, so gives skin a totally natural-looking sun-kissed tint. Apply with fingers or a brush to face and body.

liquid bronzer

9. Nirvana Natural Naked Lip Balm, £5.50, Applying lip colour on dry chapped lips is a losing battle. Even hydrating lipsticks will look patchy. Nirvana Natural has great lip balms but this fragrance-free version is the one in my kit. The deeply hydrating formulation prevents and treats dry lips and acts as a great base.

lip balm

10. Code Beautiful VLM Mascara, £19.95, If you prefer a more traditional mascara, the vegan Volumising Lengthening Mascara is buildable without becoming cakey. If, like me, you don’t have many lashes, you can really boost what you’ve got.


11. Evolve Liquid Radiance Glycolic Toner, £20, Smooth skin will enhance your make-up, help you to apply and blend it, and make it last. This toner is 63.8 per cent organic and contains AHA and BHA fruit acids. It is designed to sweep over the skin after cleansing and before moisturising. Expect brighter, smoother skin with improved texture and glow.


12. MuLondon Fragrance Free Moisturiser, £24, Perfect for sensitive skins. A super-hydrating formula and an ideal canvas for make-up. Certified by B Corp (businesses that are used as a force for good), Leaping Bunny (cruelty free), The Vegan Society and Soil Association and Cosmos (for organic ingredients).

mu London

13. Sbtrct Makeup Melt, £22, I love everything about this plastic-free brand, from the product formulation to the stylish dishes and pots that house them. This cleanser comes in a bar which you warm in your hands then apply all over your face to remove even waterproof mascara.

make up remover

14. Athr Beauty Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Eyeshadow Palette, £40, The soft, silky texture of these eyeshadows makes blending a breeze. Beautiful colours with great depth of pigment laid out so you can see at a glance what shades will work together.

eyeshadow palette

15. Delilah Cosmetics Gel Line, £20, I’ve included this amazing multi-use product as I prefer eyeliner in a gel formulation housed in a pot. Apply to the lash line or brow with an angled or point eyeliner brush, or use as a cream eyeshadow by blending with a medium-sized soft eyeshadow brush.


My homemade wonder oil

Oils are an effective and gentle way to cleanse the skin without leaving that tight feeling you get after using other cleansers. Jojoba oil has myriad healing properties so is perfect for soothing skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. If you want to use this around the eyes, leave out the essential oils.

face oil
Emma Guscott

25ml jojoba oil
40ml castor oil
1 tsp vitamin E oil
10 drops essential oil, optional (for normal to dry skin try sandalwood, camomile, geranium, rose; for oily skin, use tea tree, lavender, lemon, cypress, juniper)

Small jug
Metal spoon
Funnel (optional)
100ml repurposed glass bottle with pump dispenser, sterilised

  • One at a time, pour the jojoba, castor and vitamin E oils into the jug.
  • Mix in the essential oils, if using, and stir with the spoon. Pour the liquid into the glass bottle and seal it (you can use a funnel to reduce any spillage). Store in a cool dark place for up to a year.
  • To use, dispense three pumps (or eight drops) on to your hands and rub them together. Place your hands over your face and massage the oil into your skin in a circular motion.
  • Place a muslin cloth or flannel under warm water and squeeze until the excess water is removed. Gently wipe the cloth across your face, removing the oil and make-up. Repeat, if necessary, for stubborn or waterproof make-up.

This is an edited extract from Justine’s book Sustainable Beauty, which will be published by White Lion on 21 December, price £18. To pre-order a copy for £15.30 until 19 December, go to or call 020 3176 2937. Free UK delivery on orders over £20.