The Dulux Colour of the Year for 2021 has been revealed

The unveiling of the Dulux Colour of the Year is an annual tradition in the world of interiors – but for 2021, it feels particularly poignant. 2020 has been one of the most turbulent and unpredictable years in most of our lifetimes, and so for the year ahead, colour and the way we use it in our homes (where we’re all spending more time than ever) has never been more important.

dulux colour of the year 2021 brave earth

So without further ado, meet Brave Ground – a earthy, empowering clay colour that will work beautifully in any environment.

dulux brave earthThis elemental neutral has the ability to fill our homes with warm and comfort throughout the day – in the morning it lifts and feels airy under the incoming streams of natural light, but as the night draws in it gets increasingly cosy and comforting, making it an incredibly versatile pick.

dulux colour of the year 2021 brave earth

Creative Director of Dulux Marianne Shillingford describes Brave Ground as ‘the Mother Earth of colours’, explaining that it acts in this parental role by supporting all of the other colours in the spectrum – essentially, whatever you pair it with, it will complement it seamlessly.

However, if you’re not sure where to start with the Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, the brand has also revealed four curated palettes that will help you build a look around that organic Brave Ground base.


Dulux Trust palette

‘Earth tones from across the globe, these unifying shades reflect everyone.’


Dulux Expressive palette

‘Stand-out shades of reds and pinks, balanced with soft neutrals, these are colours that can add verve and vitality to our homes.’


Dulux Earth palette

‘Echoing the tones of the sea, the sky and the soil, these earth shades provide a connection to the natural world around us.’


Dulux Timeless palette‘Energising without being overpowering, these inspiring shades of yellows and ochres, bring positivity and balance to a space.’

‘The colours on our walls are the backdrop to how we live our life. For many of us, lockdown has served to emphasise how important our home environment has become, it has been the place where we work, learn, relax. It can lift us up, nurture us, comfort us,’ says Marianne.

dulux colour of the year 2021 brave earth

‘In 2021, the warm and grounding tones of Brave Ground will allow us to find certainty in the strength from the very ground beneath our feet, emboldening us to go forward and begin to live again and giving us the flex to adapt to the ever changing circumstances we face.’