Drew Barrymore just shared her £1.50 secret to perfect hair on Instagram

When we imagine the beauty stash of an A-lister, we tend to picture a pile of expensive potions that are well out of our price range.

Actress Drew Barrymore, however, has just proved us totally wrong, by sharing a snap of her very relatable favourite hair product, and it’s one that most of us already buy on a regular basis: Batiste dry shampoo.

Getty Images

Drew, 43, posted a picture of her travel size product, which costs just £1.50, to her Instagram account, telling her followers: ‘This is me out for an evening.’

‘I keep the mini in my bag! I am crazy crazy for this dry shampoo,’ she wrote alongside the shot of the bargain can. ‘I love it for texture, BUT this one actually works like a true do over for dirty hair. Especially on a blow out.’

Drew added that she found that the product ‘actually does what it promises to do’ by removing oil and refreshing her hair, saying: ‘It’s better than any I have ever tried and I am a dry shampoo enthusiast.’

Her fans were quick to agree, with many leaving comments to declare their love for the brand too. ‘I agree. I have fine hair and this is the only dry shampoo that actually works!!’ one exclaimed, followed by another who wrote: ‘Batiste is the best! Believe me, I’ve tried them all.’

Batiste dry shampoo is popular globally, with one full-size £2.99 can from the brand reportedly selling every single second in the UK. And if you’re not a fan of the floral fragrance Drew’s picked up? There’s a whole selection of other scents on offer, including Tropical, Cherry and Oriental.

Happy spritzing!