A Downton Abbey Christmas cookbook is being released and we can’t wait

Fans of the period drama Downton Abbey will be pleased to know that a festive cookbook is coming out just in time for Christmas!

Rex Features

The Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook will be released on 21st October (available to preorder now through Amazon) and contains 85 traditional British recipes, typical of the Edwardian period, that would have been eaten at Christmas dinner.

Recipes range from soups (such as pheasant soup and cream of mushroom soup), fish and shellfish (such as baked John Dory and rissoles of salmon), to meat, game and roasts (like roast beef, roast goose and roast turkey), as well as meat pies, savoury puddings (such as game bird pie and Yorkshire puddings), sauces, drinks and desserts (with the likes of Christmas pudding, figgy pudding, chestnut pudding and, of course, mince pies). 

The official description reads: ‘This elegant coffee table cookbook highlights the luxe and elegance of the Christmas at Downton Abbey and features a collection of traditional British holiday recipes, from appetizers to desserts, that were popular during the Edwardian period.

‘Take a seat at the Christmas table of Downton Abbey, the historic British estate at the heart of the popular PBS series.


‘Downton fans will appreciate this enticing collection of classic British holiday recipes from the Edwardian era, evocative narratives about Christmas traditions, and seasonal anecdotes from the award-winning series. Colorful photographs of finished dishes, fan-favorite moments from the Christmas episodes, and excerpts of character quotes bring the spirit of the holidays to life.’

The recipes have been curated by author Regula Ysewijn,a Belgian culinary historian, writer and photographer, who focuses on food and the social history of Britain.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the cookbook and whip up a traditional festive feast!

ORDER NOW: The Official Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook by Regula Ysewijn, £19.99, Amazon