Domino’s is launching a new ‘healthier’ pizza range

With National Pizza Day just around the corner and so painfully close to January – a month where we all try to turn a new leaf and try to eat more green, less beige – it can be hard to let yourself indulge in the celebrations.

Luckily, Domino’s has created a way for those who are trying to make healthier choices to join in with the pizza fun, without straying too far away from their new regime.

Domino's healthier pizza
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The popular pizza chain has announced the surprise release of two new ‘healthier’ pizzas, with each small pizza containing just 650 calories, and one slice containing around 100 calories. Not bad for a cheesy treat, eh?

The Domino’s Delight range, as it has been dubbed, features The Delight Chicken featuring succulent chicken breast pieces, chopped onions, peppers and tomatoes and the Delight Vegi which includes chopped onions, sliced mushrooms, crunchy mixed peppers, sweetcorn and tomatoes.

And if you’re worried that the lack of calories will make the pizza taste, well, less like the  usual takeaway pizza that you know and love, don’t be. As always, Domino’s is still using its signature fresh dough (hand-stretched thinner than a usual base) as well as its signature tomato sauce and just a little lighter scattering of reduced-fat mozzarella.

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The new pizzas were launched on Blue Monday, with Ian Straughan, Food Innovation ‘Saucerer’ at Domino’s saying in an official press release: ‘New Year, New Domino’s range. What better way to lighten up the January Blues than with our delicious Delight pizzas? They’re everything that’s great about Domino’s but average around 650 calories for a cheesy treat.’

Ready to order? Domino’s Delight low calorie pizzas are now available on the menu at 1,100 Domino’s stores across the UK and Ireland, with prices starting from £17. And if they’re not in your area yet, fear not – more branches will be adding the option to their menus soon!