Diptyque have launched wall diffusers and they’re a genius way to fragrance your home

We love a scented candle as much as the next fragrance obsessive, but the fact of the matter is they are quite a temporary way of scenting your home. And this year, we’ve spent more time than ever in our homes.


That may be why we’ve seen a surge in brands launching more ‘permanent’ home aroma products, from reed diffusers to electric wall diffusers. Though if the latter makes you shudder from memories of the sickly-sweet varieties of your childhood, don’t worry. Nowadays, electric wall diffusers are far more sophisticated – not only do they last longer and look sleeker, they smell way better. 

Our pick of the moment has to be Diptyque’s new electric wall diffuser, which, given its chic metallic lattice design, you would be forgiven for mistaking for a contemporary piece of wall decor. It’s simply activated by touching anywhere on the vent to switch the device on or off, and the plug-in can be used with nine iconic Diptyque scent cartridges.

The scented cartridges can be kept up to three months after opening, provided that the packet is properly closed and stored after each use. You can change the refill cartridge in your Diptyque wall diffuser at any time, as the diffuser cleverly does not retain any traces of the previously used fragrance. The refill will last for 40 hours of continuous use.

Our favourite Diptyque fragrance has to be ‘Baies’, with its summery rose scent which is entirely fresh and anything but saccharine, with rich, juicy notes of blackcurrant leaves. We think they make the ultimate Christmas gift for a loved one (or the perfect payday treat for yourself!). 

Wall Diffuser Diptyque
John Lewis

Electric Wall Diffuser, £90, Diptyque Paris

Baies Diptyque
Space NK

Diffuser Capsule Refill ‘Baies’, £30, Diptyque Paris 

Mimosa Cartridge
John Lewis

Diffuser Cartridge Refill in ‘Mimosa’, £30, Diptyque Paris 

Diptyque wall diffuser

Diffuser Capsule Refill in ‘Figuier’, £30, Diptyque Paris