For 10 days only, you can buy a Diptyque City Candle online from anywhere in the world

We think it is fair to say that many of us have spent a lot of time indoors at home in the past 12 months. With lockdown measures easing but international travel still restricted, however, the Diptyque City Candle collection might be the closest we get to journeying across the world anytime soon.


Before now, each City Candle was only available to buy in its respective city but now Diptyque has launched the exclusive nine candle collection online so that you can transport your home to a faraway world.

You heard that right, the Diptyque City Candle collection has landed and, for 10 days only, you can buy it online and in London boutiques until 25 April. Whether you choose to fill your home with the scent of New York, Paris or even Tokyo, prepare to be transported…

Shop the Diptyque City Candle collection:

London Candle 190g, £58, Diptyque

The London Candle will take you straight to the heart of the iconic Columbia Road flower market with its notes of heliotrope, lilac, juniper and hyacinth.

Paris Candle 190g, £58, Diptyque

The Paris Candle will take you to the heart of Saint Germain, a district of Parisian chic with its chypre accord scent accentuated with a hint of lavender.

New York Candle 190g, £58, Diptyque 

The New York Candle is all about the golden age of alluring speakeasies and the city’s nightlife. Notes of cedarwood, vetiver and patchouli are heightened by incense.

Tokyo Candle 190g, £58, Diptyque 

The Tokyo Candle is designed to revive memories of a stroll along alleyways in the shade of Japanese cypress trees where a nearby temple diffuses notes of soothing incense.

Beverly Hills Candle 190g, £58, Diptyque

The Beverly Hills Candle embodies the city’s palm trees and lush gardens in the shade of which bouquets of white flowers mingle with mint and lemon.

Shanghai Candle 190g, £58, Diptyque 

The scent of the Shanghai Candle is closely linked to a Chinese tradition: perfumed osmanthus flowers with notes of green tea in a homage to the tea ceremony.

Hong Kong Candle 190g, £58, Diptyque 

The Hong Kong Candle is an ode to nature through notes built around the famous Bauhinia Blakeana, with a floral-vanilla accord.

Berlin Candle 190g, £58, Diptyque

The scents of the Berlin Candle transport you to the German capital’s most prestigious avenue, surrounded by the heady scent of blossoming linden trees, a powerful perfume with light honey accents.

Miami Candle 190g, £58, Diptyque

The Miami Candle smells of delicate magnolia blossoms and delicious citrus notes, reminiscent of Key Lime Pie, Florida’s signature dessert.