This bag is the perfect Dior Book Tote dupe and it’s a fraction of the price

Designer bags are still a highly covetable buy for many of us looking to own a piece of high-end fashion. But it goes without saying that these pieces come at a cost, and it’s usually not one the average Brit can justify. Dior’s stunning Book Tote, for example, will set you back an eye-watering £2,400, which isn’t within reach for most of us. 

Luckily, the high street has come to the rescue over the years with their many attainable dupes that look just as cool and will save you quite literally thousands of pounds. And perhaps the best one we’ve seen this summer comes via Lily & Bean in the form of their Isabella bag. 

Like the blue and white Dior Book Tote, the Isabella boasts a vibrant jungle print in dark blue and white, and comes with a small handheld strap. It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and jumbo, and the price starts at a fairly frugal £120. 

Lily & Bean

Isabella Bag – Indian Blue, £120, Lily and Bean

What’s slightly different about the Lily & Bean Dior Book Tote dupe is that you can actually make it bespoke by adding your name or initials onto the front, where Dior’s ‘Christian Dior’ usually slogan sits. 


Book Tote Blue Toile de Jouy Reverse Embroidery, £2400, Dior

If the blue one doesn’t catch your eye, there are also other colour options, including a lovely pink that’s super feminine and sweet. 

In addition to this brilliant Dior Book Tote dupe, Lily & Bean also has a number of other designs that look just like Dior’s designer bags. For example, their houndstooth Isabella is super reminiscent of Dior’s £2400 number, and they’ve also got some gorgeous straw bags that mean you won’t have to fork out thousands for the designer version. 

Lily & Bean

Isabella Bag – Houndstooth Black, £120, Lily & Bean

In short, we recommend heading over to their website to check out their summery bags pronto.