Dick and Angel Strawbridge have begun filming their new Make, Do & Mend TV show

With everyone spending more time at home than ever before due to the coronavirus lockdown measures, many of us are turning to DIY projects within the home to keep our minds occupied and hands busy. And it seems Dick and Angel Strawbridge of Escape to the Chateau have recognised people’s desire to renovate what they can in their homes and have responded with plans for a brand new TV show to inspire us all.

Angel Strawbridge

In April, the stars of the addictive renovation show (which has had us all dreaming of giving up the rat race and pitching up in a French castle at some point) spoke to Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield on This Morning via video call to tell them all about their new televised venture.


Explaining the concept for Dick and Angel’s Make, Do & Mend, Dick Strawbridge said: ‘Everyone has a junk drawer somewhere in their house, they’ve got certain jobs that need to be done… We always have people asking us for our advice, on how we did this [renovated their chateau].

He continued: ‘We thought we’d show them how to do some jobs, and find out how they’ve done some, too… We’d visit their home on Skype or FaceTime, and we’d find out what they’ve done.

Dick Strawbridge

Dick also revealed the nifty way they’ll get around filming the series whilst under lockdown – by doing it themselves! ‘We’re going to film it here [at the couple’s chateau]… We’re going to film what we’re doing, they can film what they’re doing.’

And we can now confirm that filming has officially begun on the new four-part series, which will see the Strawbridges offering up tips and tricks for families looking for imaginative ways to solve their DIY dilemmas using what they have to hand. Dick and Angel and their children will also be tackling their own dream projects as well as trying out new pastimes to keep their family entertained.

Dick and Angel Strawbridge have released a statement, saying: ‘It’s humbling that our audience wants to see more of us and our adventures. Between the pair of us we have nearly a century’s worth of “make do and mend” experience and so we are really excited to be making this brand-new series.’

We’re still yet to have an official release date for the duo’s new series, but with filming now underway we can’t imagine we have much longer to wait. We can’t wait to tune in and see what handy tips and tricks Angel and Dick have for us to spruce up our living spaces and tick off those time-consuming DIY jobs that have been on our to-do lists forever.