Princess Diana, if we could see her now…

Diana would have been 60 next month and, imagines Anna Pursglove, would still have her finger on the pulse, from being besties with Michelle Obama to aceing it on Strictly

How would Diana keep in shape? She’d work out with her mate Joe Wicks. Photograph: Johnny Eggitt/AFP/Getty Images


She’d be a canny social-media operator but she’d never show off about it (‘I didn’t even know what a hashtag was – Wills and Kate had to show me’).


When questioned, she’d say something vague about women gaining beauty as they mature. Everyone would guess at Botox… and maybe a thread lift. The debate would rage endlessly.

Joe Wicks

He’s all about fitness. He’s all about the kids. He’s handsome and he’s open and he’s not afraid to cry on camera. Quite simply, she would love him.

Michelle Obama

The best buddies (dubbed ‘Mishdi’ by the media) would have crashed the J Crew website more times than you can shake a round-neck cashmere cardi at it.

The Wellness Movement

She’d be ‘present’ and ‘in the moment’ and ‘breathing-in-fora- count-of-four-and-out-for-six’. She’d follow Shaman Durek, the A-list favourite, on Instagram and wouldn’t shy away from putting her ‘trust in the universe’.

Being a Mother-in-Law

Sharing the limelight with Kate and Meghan wouldn’t have been easy at first. However, as Shaman Durek might well have pointed out: rather like happiness, limelight is not a pie. More for you doesn’t have to mean less for me.


She’d have beaten comedian Bill Bailey, he’d have been lovely about it and it would have been the start of the least likely friendship since Bette Midler and 50 Cent.

The Low-Carb Life

She wouldn’t have a gained an ounce in the past two decades but would be careful not to hitch her wagon to an eating plan. Some would say Atkins… some Paleo… others would argue 5:2.

Marcus Rashford

See Joe Wicks.


Before her death Diana had already expressed an interest in making documentaries about the causes she championed – a Netflix deal would have been inevitable. Box-set-wise, she and Michelle O would have watched Ozark together… but she’d claim never to have seen The Crown. Nobody would believe her.

The Yoga Explosion

Diana always did yoga but, these days, she’d talk about it, too. She’d be absolutely comfortable slipping the word ‘asana’ into everyday conversation and might even go as far as a ‘namaste’ or even a quote from Rumi.

Her Hot New Label

She would certainly have been an early adopter of the goth-inspired gowns from The Vampire’s Wife label. Fashion journalists would note that it was like the time she propelled Roland Mouret’s Galaxy dress to fame in the noughties.

That Graham Norton Moment

The talk-show host would have invited Diana on to his famous red sofa and asked her a deeply inappropriate question… not the sort of thing you put to a royal. She would have shocked the world by answering honestly. Nobody would remember who Martin Bashir was.

Sustainable Fashion

Diana would have taken up the sustainable fashion cause with a passion and undoubtedly have been an early adopter of her friend Anya Hindmarch’s eco design ‘I Am Not a Plastic Bag’. She’d still source Dior but, these days, it would be rented.

The Grandkids

People would ask her all the time if she minds being called ‘Granny’ – and she’d reply that it was one of her greatest pleasures. Having Harry’s youngest named ‘Lilibet Diana’ would please her no end.