Daisy May Cooper is the lockdown hero we never knew we needed

It’s fair to say that we’ve all developed different coping mechanisms for our new lockdown lifestyles. Some are working their way through box after box of jigsaw puzzle pieces, others are valiantly attempting to tint their own eyebrows; the more creatively-minded amongst us are even turning their freshly made sourdough into works of art.

But the thing that’s getting an ever-increasing section of the internet – and the entire YOU mag office – through the days is Daisy May Cooper, star of brilliant Bafta-award winning comedy This Country and undisputed queen of the TikTok dance routine.

Daisy’s Instagram, which follows the daily adventures of herself and daughter Pip (affectionally referred to as ‘Buckbeak’), has always been a hilarious watch, but since we’ve been stuck indoors, she’s also joined TikTok, and a new level of genius has been reached.

Taking the opportunity to show off her impressive wardrobe of pyjamas (our personal favourites include The Little Mermaid and ‘This Is What A Princess Looks Like’), she’s crossposting dance routines to classic hits including the Eastenders theme tune and the Countdown clock music, and frankly, we hope she never stops.

We’re not alone in loving her work – Scarlett Moffatt, Candice Brown and Gaby Roslin have all publicly declared their joy at Daisy’s dances, while other famous fans include Fearne Cotton (‘You’re actually moon walking! Teach me!’) and Strictly‘s Kevin Clifton, who has already advised the BBC show to ‘sign her up!’

In fact, the comments are full of thanks to Daisy for bringing a wonderful bit of silliness into our strange new normal, and in our books, they’re compliments that are exceptionally well deserved.

So without further ado, here are our top 5 Daisy May Cooper TikTok dances to lift your spirits whenever they’re needed – although we highly recommend you follow her account yourself, because you never know when a new one will drop…

The best Daisy May Cooper TikTok dances


The filter, the t-shirt, the facial expressions. Iconic.


The appropriate amount of intensity for such a tune, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Party Rock Anthem

Trust us – watch it till the end.

Single Ladies

Beyonce who?

Can’t Touch This

Brb, just spending the whole day practising our one-legged hops.