This is why your cup of Costa coffee might soon be smaller – and cost more

Your next visit to Costa may not be what you’re used to, as the coffee shop chain is testing a significant change to its menu. Not only has it reduced the sizes of all cups, but the prices have been increased too.

Costa coffee
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The new menu, which Costa says is being tested regionally to gather feedback for review, means that the large, medium and small cup will become notably smaller than they originally were.

For example, old ‘small’ cup, 12 fluid ounces (fl oz), will now be called ‘medium’ while the old ‘medium’, which was 16 fl oz, is now the ‘large’ and the old large, 20 fl oz, is ‘extra large.’

Additionally, the popular coffee chain will introduce a new small cup which contains just 8 fl oz of drink – a third less than the original ‘small’ option. So if the trial is made permanent, all of the sizes will be much smaller than they once were.

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be paying less. In fact, it means the opposite. The Sun reports that instead of reducing the prices to fit the significantly smaller sizes, Costa will actually increase the cost of its coffees.

See below for the new prices compared to the old:

Old Small Latte: 12 fl oz, £2.15
New Small Latte: 8 fl oz, £2.25

Old Medium Latte: 16 fl oz, £2.45
New Medium Latte: 12 fl oz, £2.55

Old Large Latte: 20 fl oz, £2.75
New Large Latte: 16 fl oz, £2.85

Old Extra Large: Did not exist
New Extra Large: 20 fl oz, £3.05

Costa coffee
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Understandably, some people are not happy about the new changes. Speaking to the paper, one customer said: ‘The thing that got me is that they haven’t just put the prices up transparently but they’ve also done it covertly by adjusting the measures.

‘They could have just introduced an extra small option rather than renaming all the sizes. People won’t like the lack of transparency and they won’t fall for it. It makes them feel conned.’

Others have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration, with one writing: ‘@CostaCoffee shame about reducing cup size. Will be taking my business elsewhere #costa #costacoffee #principle.’

‘Is it true what I heard on the news that you reduced the cup sizes and increased the prices??? Please tell me it’s untrue?’ another asked the brand directly, to which they responded: ‘We are running a small trial testing a new cup size structure. This isn’t a permanent change and we’re gathering all feedback for review.’

We look forward to finding out the final decision.