Colin the Caterpillar wedding cakes are the brilliant trend that your big day needs

Move over the Beckhams and make some room, Rio and Kate – we’ve been thinking about it, and we reckon Colin the Caterpillar and his girlfriend Connie might just be the most popular celeb couple in the country. So it’s no surprise that Colin the Caterpillar wedding cakes are taking over ceremonies across the country, with multiple versions going viral online in recent weeks.

Marks & Spencer has been offering Colin & Connie cakes – complete with formal top hat and bow-tie and veil, respectively, to fit the occasion – for a while now, but judging from the online response over the last couple of months, 2020 looks set to be the year that they really secure their place in our hearts and on our dessert tables.

The benefits of opting for a chocolate caterpillar over a traditional wedding cake are numerous – firstly, they’re chocolate, which tends to more of a crowd-pleaser than a conventional fruit cake option.

Each cake also serves 40 and is priced at just £50, so even if you buy both, that’s cake for 80 for £100, making them a fraction of the typical cost of a custom tiered design. Need more? Lots of couples are bulking out their big Colins with mini ones, which you can also order online in packs of 25 for £10, meaning you can scale up or down accordingly.

Thanks to their cult following, they’ll be the talk of your reception for all the right reasons – in fact, those who’ve already had them for their big day say they’ve been a major hit.

‘We had both Connie & Colin as our wedding cakes recently and our guests loved them! The quality of the cake was amazing and didn’t disappoint at all,’ said one, while another agreed: ‘Everyone loved them on the day. We ordered this and the Connie cake, and even though we had other desserts on offer this was by far the most popular.’

‘This cake was a big hit at our wedding. You get a lot of cake for your money, its beautfully decorated and the filling is so creamy,’ said a third. ‘I have always had the caterpillar cake for my birthday every year, so was made up to find these. 10/10.’

Colin the Groom Wedding Cake (Serves 40), £50, Marks & Spencer

Connie the Bride Wedding Cake (Serves 40), Marks & Spencer

And as if that wasn’t enough, Colin and Connie are available to order online with minimal fuss, with a turnaround of just seven days. If you’re tying the knot this year, we can certainly think of worse ways to start married life than tucking into a slice.