Cloud Nine has launched the world’s first hair tool rental service

These days, if you’re not renting an outfit for a special occasion rather than buying one, you’re definitely in need of catching up. Rental platforms like Hurr, My Wardrobe HQ and By Rotation have revolutionised the world of fashion by offering clothing fans the chance to temporarily borrow pieces for weddings, holidays or just everyday wear, rather than buying new items. It’s a sustainable option for those concerned with the state of the environment, and also allows you to try out top designers and the most covetable pieces for a fraction of their regular cost.

Cloud nine hair rental tool
Cloud Nine

Like with most things, beauty is not far behind on this one; in fact, hair brand Cloud Nine has now launched a hair tool rental service, which is a world first. For £14.99 a month, you can have access to the brand’s best tools including hairdryers, straighteners and curlers. There are three options to choose from, depending on your hair type and needs. Plus, you’re not tied into a contract, so no need to worry if you need to cancel your subscription at any time.

As well as access to the hair tools, members will also be given new offers every month with a minimum monthly value of £50, including product discounts, free gifts and giveaways.

So why would you hire your hair tools instead of just buying them? Well firstly, there’s the cost element. If you only use your hair tools during certain seasons because of the weather or amount of social occasions you attend, this is an affordable way to gain access to tools without too much of a commitment. It’s also a brilliant option if you’re thinking of buying but don’t want to fork out for a tool you’ve never tried before.

Secondly, it’s far more sustainable and feeds into a zero-waste ethos, which aims to achieve a circular economy, rather than a linear one. This means that everything is re-used rather than being thrown into landfill and living a short ‘single-use’ life. If you don’t use your hair tools that much, it’s far more eco-friendly to rent when you do need them, then to return them (where they will be sanitised, refurbished and re-rented by the brand), so somebody else can do the same.

‘We’re so excited to be launching the industry’s first subscription service to make our products more accessible to all,’ said Martin Rae, CEO of Cloud Nine, via a press release.

‘Cloud Nine are also keen to lead the way in making the hair industry much more sustainable and On Cloud Nine club members will be a huge part of making this happen. The fashion industry has seen a surge in rental services, so On Cloud Nine is bringing this concept to the hair industry, encouraging more sustainable consumption of hair styling tools.’

You can find out more and sign up here to the Cloud Nine hair tool rental service.