These are the cities where women are having the most sex

How active our sex lives are is obviously a very personal matter. But new research has revealed that women in some parts of the world have a lot more sex than others, and while that may not be hard to believe, it certainly has us wondering where exactly these global hot spots might be.

cities where women are having the most sex
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Well, much to our delight (and intrigue), adult entertainment app Lazeeva has revealed just that, after comparing the sex drive of women in not only the UK but worldwide. Using almost half a million participants between the ages of 18 and 70, the researchers identified which areas had the most sexually active women.

London earned the number one spot on the list, closely followed by the city of love Paris and Auckland, New Zealand in third place.

Despite the many reports that modern women (especially millennials) struggle to find time or have an active interest in sex, the research by Lazeeva has found quite the opposite.

In fact, as reported by Red, the findings highlight that monumental social changes such as easy access to sex toys, a wider variety of contraception, as well as the overall importance placed on gender equality and high standards of living for women, have had a huge impact on the amount of sex we’re having.

These factors all directly correlate with the levels of sex drive you’re likely to experience – especially in the cities listed below, it turns out…

cities where women are having the most sex
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The 50 cities where women are having the most sex

1. London UK

2. Paris, France

3. Auckland, New Zealand

4. Los Angeles, USA

5. Chicago, USA

6. Austin, USA

7. Brussels, Belgium

8. Basel, Switzerland

9. Liverpool, UK

10. Geneva, Switzerland

11. Berlin, Germany

12. San Francisco, USA

13. Zurich, Switzerland

14. Glasgow, UK

15. Amsterdam, Netherlands

16. Manchester, UK

17. Hamburg, Germany

18. Seattle, USA

19. New York City, USA

20. Rotterdam, Netherlands

21. Boston, USA

22. Melbourne, Australia

23. Ibia Town, Spain

24. Ghent, Belgium

25. Antwerp, Belgium

26. Miami, USA

27. Edinburgh, UK

28. Las Vegas, USA

29. Leeds, UK

30. Cologne, Germany

31. Toronto, Canada

32. Marseille, France

33. Munich, Germany

34. Montreal, Canada

35. Utrecht, Netherlands

36. Calgary, Canada

37. Frankfurt, Germany

38. Helsinki, Finland

39. Portland, USA

40. Oslo, Norway

41. Bristol, UK

42. Barcelona, Spain

43. Bergen, Norway

44. Madrid, Spain

45. Dublin, Ireland

46. Stockholm, Sweden

47. Brisbane, Australia

48. Vancouver, Canada

49. Leipzig, Germany

50. Sydney, Australia