These new Ciate nail stickers make DIY nail art easier than ever

There may be many things we are all currently missing during the coronavirus pandemic. And while it’s important to stay inside and be grateful for our health, it’s also OK to admit we may long for certain small, simple pleasures we used to have, no matter how trivial. 

Ciate nail stickers

One such pleasure is having our nails done. For many, this may have been a regular part of life, particularly for the beauty fans among us. Nail art has been huge in the past year or two, and many nail salons have seen a surge in demand for styles such as tortoiseshell and ombre nails. 

Unfortunately, these are not the easiest looks to achieve from home. In fact, unless you have a super steady hand and are expertly creative, nail art can be near impossible to perfect without a professional in-salon manicurist. 


However, if you fancy giving it a go while we’re all spending much more time at home, Ciate has just launched a set of incredible nail stickers which can make the whole process a lot less frustrating. 

The Ciate Cheat Sheets feature stickers with some of hottest nail art trends around, including evil eyes, animal prints, and silhouettes. All you need to do to is peel them from their backing and apply to bare nails or nail polish which is totally dry. It’s easiest to do with a pair of tweezers, as it can be a little fiddly. 

We gave them a try, and can attest to the fact they are the perfect self-isolation beauty treat. Not only do they look great and are fairly easy to use, the whole intricate process of applying them acts as a welcome distraction and really takes your mind off of things. 

Our favourite looks have to be a sheer nail with evil eye stickers placed at the base of the nail, along with nudey-white polish and the animal print stickers. You could even combine them with the gradient nail art trend, which is another look that’s easy to achieve yourself. 

You can pre-order the Ciate Cheat Sheets for £16 at now. They are set to be released on 6 April.