The best Christmas TV adverts you need to see this year

Although it’s a heavily debated topic, we think there are two things that confirm it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. The first, is Mariah Carey introducing the festive season with her annual declaration of its arrival. The second, is when the biggest and best brands start showing their Christmas adverts on TV.

It’s Christmas law (okay, not quite) that as soon as adverts from the likes of John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, and Coca Cola drop, you can listen to Christmas songs, indulge in a cosy Christmas jumper and start planning which festive markets you’re going to visit without too much judgement.

To make sure you’ve seen the most anticipated Christmas adverts this year, we’ve put them all here for you to watch as many times as you please…

The best Christmas TV adverts for 2021


Food is at the heart of Waitrose’s cheeky Christmas advert this year. The one minute ad stars actress Ashley Jensen and chef Heston Blumenthal to showcase why the best thing about Christmas is the food. And when you can get Heston’s Night Before Christmas Mince Pies or truffle-infused prosciutto from Waitrose, we can’t say we disagree…


The Morrisons Christmas advert pays tribute to farmers, or ‘Farmer Christmas’, who works all year round to provide the best festive period possible. The supermarket is also continuing its 5 per cent discount for farmers this Christmas help the nation’s food-making heroes with their festive shop. What’s more, Morrisons is also helping to tackle loneliness by giving away over 250,000 free Christmas cards so customers can send messages to friends, family and the most vulnerable community members.


‘Nothing’s stopping’ Tesco and its customers from going all-out this Christmas. To the soundtrack of Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, the advert showcases all the struggles of the past year and a bit, taking into account the restrictions we’ve had to live with thanks to Covid and food shortages due to the fuel crisis and Brexit. According to the retailer’s research, 86 per cent of the nation has admitted that nothing will stop them from having a joyful Christmas this year, while 42 per cent claim they’ll appreciate Christmas more than ever.


The Homebase Christmas advert features everyone’s favourite DIY-ing couple Dick and Angel Strawbridge. Titled ‘It’s Showtime’, the clip shows Dick and Angel gearing up for Christmas by decorating and setting up a glittering, snow-filled winter scene in a Homebase store.


A girl’s drawing of her imaginary friend, Iggy, comes to life and together they gear up for Christmas, leaving carrots out for Santa’s reindeer and performing a show for her family. As the girl gets older, the imaginary friend gets forgotten about, until she’s reminded of her childhood and reunites with Iggy once more.


This year’s Sainsbury’s ad takes us around a typical family home on Christmas Day, capturing all the mess, chaos, fun and festivities. Food and drink are the stars of the advert, of course, and it ends with the message: ‘It’s been a long time coming, so let’s make it a Christmas to savour.’


If you’re at all familiar with Aldi’s Twitter account, you could guarantee the brand’s Christmas advert was going to include their cheeky and jokey tone. The fun-filled advert even stars Marcus Rashford MBE as Marcus ‘Radishford’, to make full use of Aldi’s vegetable-themed take on the iconic tale A Christmas Carol. This might just be the best one yet!


Amazon managed to bag the one and only Adele to soundtrack its Christmas advert this year, which features her new song, ‘Hold On’. As expected from the brand, the advert features a seemingly lonely student receiving a gift from Amazon, that’s been sent by her neighbour. It closes with the message: ‘Kindness. The greatest gift.’

John Lewis

Each year, the John Lewis Christmas advert is one that people most look forward to seeing. For 2021, the two-minute advert tells a story of friendship to the soundtrack of Lola Young’s cover of ‘Together in Electric Dreams’. A young boy called Nathan meets a space traveller called Skye. Nathan introduces Skye to Christmas traditions, from decorating the tree with fairy lights, to sharing mince pies.

Find out more about the John Lewis Christmas TV advert here.


Boots managed to bag BAFTA nominated actress and star of The Serpent Jenna Coleman as main character, Joy, for its ‘Bags of Joy’ advert. It tells the story of Joy and her magical bag which wields the power to make Christmas totally magical, as she delivers the perfect gifts to her friends and family.


For the very first time, M&S’s beloved Percy Pig has been given a voice! Percy, who’s voiced by Spiderman‘s Tom Holland, is brought to life by a magical fairy, who’s voiced by Dawn French. Together, they explore the wonders of the Marks and Spencer Foodhall and marvel at all the tempting festive treats.

You can browse the M&S Percy Pig Christmas range here.


We naturally expect the Disney Christmas ad to be full of emotion, spirit, joy, magic, and a heartwarming message. This year’s hasn’t disappointed! The advert is called ‘The Stepdad’ and follows the story of Lola and her granddaughter, Nicole, from last year’s tearjerker.

This time, Nicole has two children of her own. The animated advert shows how they adjust to their new stepdad, Mike, moving into the family home. Double Grammy Award winner Gregory Porter provides the song, called ‘Love Runs Deeper’.


Lidl’s 2021 Christmas campaign gives customers a tongue-in-cheek glimpse of what the retailer thinks a Christmas of the future might look like.

The ad starts in the present day with revellers sitting down for a traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. Viewers are then taken by surprise with another scene of the same group at the Christmas table, this time set decades in the future, complete with a cutting edge turkey-carving laser and the news that some family members have moved to the Moon! The next iteration shows an even more futuristic Christmas dinner, with the same family still enjoying Lidl’s famed festive fare at ‘Lidl’ prices, promising to keep prices low, even when we’re carving turkeys with lasers.


Although it’s not normally known for a big Christmas ad, Barbour has come up trumps with a film that features both Paddington Bear and an important message about sustainability.

The advert sees Paddington puzzling over what to give Mr Brown, who took him in after finding him at Paddington Station, as a Christmas gift. He settles on re-waxing Mr Brown’s favourite Barbour jacket (and creating a big mess in the process). The end is a heartwarming message about looking after each other, and your most valuable possessions.


Asda’s 2021 Christmas ad celebrates key moments from the festive period, including the school play, office Christmas parties and switching on the Christmas lights at home.

To add a twist to the format, the key characters ice skate through each scene, set to the famous soundtrack of Maurice Ravel’s ‘Boléro’, best known for being the music that Torvill and Dean danced to at the 1984 Winter Olympics.