This supermarket just launched the weirdest flavour of festive crisps yet

Christmas foods are getting more creative by the year. Alongside the usual turkey and mince pies, across the nation we’ve started serving up alternative puds, sweets, cocktails – and crucially, an array of Christmas flavoured crisps.

We thought we’d seen some weird and wonderful crisp offerings in recent times, but for 2018, Iceland has taken festive flavours to the next level by announcing the launch of its Christmas tree flavoured crisps.

Yes, you did read that correctly – each 180g bag is seasoned with ‘pine salt flavour seasoning’, to add the hint of forest we apparently didn’t know we needed in our savoury snacks.

Christmas tree flavour crispsLuxury Christmas Tree Flavour Salted Hand Cooked Crisps, £1, Iceland

The crisps have divided opinion online, with some calling them ‘gross’ and ‘one step too far’. ‘Bet they taste like you’ve swallowed some pine Toilet Duck,’ one unimpressed commenter posted – but Iceland aren’t alone in adding strange seasonal notes to their Christmas offering.

Marks & Spencer has previously offered Winter Berries and Prosecco Hand Cooked Crisps as part of their winter range, complete with edible gold stars and an authentic ‘fizz’ upon consumption; it even brought out red Bloody Mary Crisps last year (although tomato, Worcestershire sauce and tabasco makes a little more natural sense on a potato, if you ask us).

Continuing with the boozy theme, Aldi has also branched out into Gin And Tonic Crisps in the past.

In 2017, Tesco hit the headlines with the release of its Candy Cane Crisps (part of its Finest range, naturally), alongside more traditional flavours like pigs in blankets and turkey and stuffing.

As a limited edition product, there’s no word yet as to whether they’ll be back on our shelves for the months ahead – but if not, we’re sure there’ll be some equally ‘unique’ snacks in the pipeline for us to try.

Whatever happened to good old salt and vinegar, eh?