This new Channel 4 drama starring Vicky McClure will have you gripped this summer

It’s been a strong year for TV so far with the release of BBC’s Gentleman Jack and the return of both Killing Eve and Poldark.

Best of all, fierce female characters have been delivered in abundance and it’s just the beginning – especially as we await the release of Channel 4’s exciting new drama with (you’ve guessed it) an amazing cast of women at its helm.

I Am is the broadcaster’s highly anticipated series starring none other than Line of Duty‘s Vicky McClure, not to mention an array of equally popular and impressive ladies from the big and small screen. The upcoming drama is being directed by BAFTA-winner Dominic Savage and the plot is overwhelmingly relatable and gripping to say the least.

Here’s everything we know so far…

Who is the cast?

Channel 4

As well as McClure, I Am will feature an all-star female cast including the likes of Samantha Morton from Chernobyl and Crazy Rich Asians’ Gemma Chan (who fans will also remember from Humans). All three women’s characters will be explored in an episode each as they juggle day-to-day life while trying to deal with their separate issues.

What is the plot?

The series is made up of three hour-long episodes, each focusing on the deeply personal and thought-provoking experiences of three different women. The first episode titled, I Am Nicola, focuses on the first protagonist played by McClure. Nicola is experiencing an extremely toxic relationship, though the dysfunctions and abuse are portrayed with impactful and realistic subtlety.

Channel 4

Speaking to Good Housekeeping, McClure said of her role: ‘In some ways, you might think it could come across [as] quite mundane because it’s not like somebody is having an affair and there aren’t big scenarios. It’s all the little things that really cut deep when they happen to you.’

As the series continues, we are introduced to the other two women – Kirsty (played by Samantha Morton) and Hannah (played by Gemma Chan) – as the show tackles issues such as anxiety and the stress of debt, poverty and austerity.

‘I hope the audience takes and gets involved in the importance of the stories themselves… I think it offers hope,’ Savage said. ‘I think all films offer hope but take you on a difficult journey and I want people to feel challenged, involved in life through them. That’s why we make drama, we make it so people understand a bit more about themselves, and care more. I think that’s what I want.’

When will it air?

The first episode of I Am will air on Channel 4 on 23 July, so make sure you mark your calendars – we certainly will!