This new Chanel launch means you can get four different perfumes for £65

Marilyn Monroe may have worn Chanel No 5. to bed, but our personal favourite offering from the designer might just be Chanel Chance. The floral fragrance, in its distinctive round bottle, is one of the most popular blends the brand has ever launched, and now, there’s a new way to get your hands on it.

Introducing Chanel Chance perfume pencils, a new alternative way to wear scent, applied by, well, scribbling it all over your wrists and other pulse points. What’s more, the pastel-coloured sticks of solid perfume come in a set of four, allowing you to sample all of the different variations of Chance with one £65 purchase.

Chanel perfume pencils
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‘The four Chance Perfume Pencils – featured in a discovery set – offer a new way to tempt fate,’ the brand explains on its website.

‘The balm texture glides onto the skin with the stroke of an astonishingly soft, incredibly sensorial tip. A gesture that revives the trail of the fragrance all day long. The ideal on-the-go solution for use at any time of day.’

In addition to the original, you also get the light, sparkling floral notes of Chance Eau Fraiche, the fruity twist of Chance Eau Tendre, and a third lively, zesty update in the form of Chance Eau Vive, so there’s something to suit every mood or occasion.

Each pencil is 1.2g, which may sound small, but when it comes to solids a little goes a long way. To apply, you simply rub the tip against the skin on your neck, behind your ears, across your wrists or anywhere else you’d normally apply a usual spray.

Chanel Chance Perfume Pencils, £65, Chanel 

As Chanel points out, they’re a great leak-proof solution to pop in your handbag, and would be great to stash away in your holiday hand luggage as well.

In fact, the only downside is that they’re limited edition, so place your order sooner rather than later.