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Rosie Green: Would I blend it like Beckham?

Mr Green?’ There is an awkward silence until the boyfriend realises the waiter is addressing him. We are on holiday and he is being...

Rosie Green: Chore wars? I’m throwing in the towel

My boyfriend is admiring the new matting in his garden – and I am finding this triggering. Matting, for the uninitiated, is a sheet of...
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Ask Caroline: ‘I’ve lied to my friend about her ex’

Q. A couple we know very well, who’ve been married for 15 years, have recently split up after the husband left for a woman...
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Ask Caroline: ‘My teenage daughter won’t talk to me’

Q. I am in my 50s, and six months ago I left my wife for someone else after years of an unhappy marriage. I...

Rosie Green: My coldest ever hot date

I’m freezing my boyfriend out. I mean this literally, not metaphorically – we are in a cryotherapy chamber in a swanky spa and have...
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Ask Caroline: ‘There’s no intimacy or love between us’

Q. I am 54 and live with my partner (we don’t have children) in what most people would consider to be a lovely house...

Rosie Green: I’m divorced, but I’m not a man-eater

‘Is he straight?’ asked my daughter. I replied in the affirmative. ‘Well, lose the kisses.’ I was messaging a photographer with whom I have a friendly...

Rosie Green: My relationship mantra – if he’s fit, we fit

Last week I found myself wondering if I could keep up with my boyfriend. Not mentally or sexually – but physically. This came about because,...
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Ask Caroline: ‘My partner won’t stop lying to me’

Q. I’m 26 and think I need to end it with my 23-year-old boyfriend. We’ve been dating for 18 months and he is kind,...
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Rosie Green: The night our sex life lost its fizz

The boyfriend and I had planned a night away to celebrate his birthday. It had been inked in the diary for months, so excitement had...