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Rosie Green: Up close, and it’s getting very personal

Ouch. This week I got a reminder that love really does hurt. What’s causing my pain? No, it’s not the sting of rejection. Or even...

Rosie Green: To move on, you have to let go

Actor Damian Lewis has found love with rock chick Alison Mosshart 14 months after his wife Helen McCrory died. Given the couple’s celebrity status,...
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An equal share of chores in a relationship leads to a better sex life

We all know it can be hard to keep bedroom matters fresh and ahem, spicy, when you're in a long-term relationship, but it turns...

Rosie Green: I’m trying to be shameless in bed

Shame and sex. It seems the two have been interlinked ever since Eve took a bite of the apple. There can’t be many of us...

Rosie Green: Parents, pants and a tricky dilemma

We are on a trip back to the boyfriend’s childhood home and his stepfather, for whom I have developed a great fondness, is standing...

Rosie Green: Should I trust him or track him?

‘Where are you?’ The three little words I sent to my boyfriend recently. Three little words with a whole lot of meaning. Because, yes, asking about someone’s...

The UK’s top city for dating has been revealed

Do you live in a dating hotspot? Is your hometown awash with romantic restaurants, fun activities and intimate venues where sparks can fly? If you...
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Rosie Green: Are our early nights cause for alarm?

‘Can we ask them to leave by 9pm?’ The boyfriend is wondering whether it’s acceptable to ask this of our dinner guests. I tell him that...

Rosie Green: There’s nothing sexier than having fun

My boyfriend sent me this message last week: ‘You are killing me’. And he meant it, literally. For context, he has a new fitness gadget...
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Is this the best way to gain attention on dating apps?

You heard it here first: trainspotting is sexy now. At least, that’s what new research from Bumble seems to suggest, as the dating app says...