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Selfridges have predicted the six big food trends for 2021

With the beginning of a new year, we love to look ahead to see what the year ahead might hold for us. A great...
mini eggs

A Cadbury Mini Eggs chocolate bar and new Easter egg exist and we want...

When Cadbury announced a new Easter-themed chocolate bar back in October, it's fair to say we all got a bit excited. After doing us all...
Watrose afternoon tea cakes

Waitrose has launched 30 new cakes as sales of at-home afternoon tea soars

While pre- (and hopefully post-) pandemic times would see us heading out to restaurants and cafes to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and the like with...
Laura Jackson Hoste

Laura Jackson shows us how to #MakeAMealOfIt at home this Valentine’s Day

TV presenter and founder of supper club Hoste, Laura Jackson has found a way to pivot her business during the pandemic, when supper clubs...
Sex and the city

The bakery made famous by Sex And The City has released its ‘Carrie’ cupcake...

The news that Sex and The City is getting a reboot has sent fans of the HBO classic wild, and for good reason. Many...

16 of the best chocolate boxes to send through the post this Valentine’s Day

It is a truth universally acknowledged that chocolate makes an excellent gift. Chocolate boxes, gift sets and hampers are a surefire way to put a...

Tom Parker Bowles and Olly Smith: An American-style diner and sherries to savour

Tom tries an American-style diner with an inspired Mediterranean take Like so many restaurants, both old and new, Mo Diner has had a pretty wretched...
pancake rolls

Chinese Takeaway in 5: Kwoklyn Wan’s pancake rolls

These large parcels are packed full of beansprouts, and can be eaten alone or dipped in your favourite sauce. SERVES 4 PREP 30 MINS COOKING TIME 25...
banana fritters

Chinese Takeaway in 5: Kwoklyn Wan’s banana fritters

This delicious choice is a classic Chinese restaurant dessert. SERVES 4 PREP 10 MINS COOKING TIME 15 MINS INGREDIENTS: 250g self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting 2 1⁄2 tsp bicarbonate...
Chinese-style buffalo wings

Chinese Takeaway in 5: Kwoklyn Wan’s Chinese-style buffalo wings

We’ve all probably tasted the American-style buffalo wing. Well, these Chinese-style wings deliver just as much mouthwatering action; they’re crispy and juicy with a...

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