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Sessions Arts Club

Tom Parker Bowles: Sessions Arts Club review

Tom finds fun again at a London restaurant where the food is as fine as the surroundings. Review: Sessions Arts Club Well, it’s certainly a looker,...
jilly Cooper

Jilly Cooper: ‘I left my entire first novel on the bus coming back from...

YOU restaurant critic Tom Parker Bowles meets queen of the bonkbuster Jilly Cooper, 85, to talk boozy lunches, dinner party disasters and the restaurant...
picnic recipes

Perk up the picnic: Marina Filippelli’s refined picnic recipes

Refined outdoor dining is guaranteed with Marina Filippelli’s delightful dishes. Asparagus & gruyère tartlets These are so quick to make, especially if you buy ready-rolled pastry....
labneh, dukkah, salted cucumber & radishes

Labneh, dukkah, salted cucumber & radishes recipe

Dukkah is an amazing flavour booster that can inject wonderfulness to pretty much anything it touches. The recipe makes more than you’ll need, so...
passionfruit coconut & lime batida

Passionfruit, coconut & lime batida recipe

This drink is adapted from the Brazilian cachaça cocktail, which is traditionally made with either passionfruit, limes or coconut. Make it in a large...
roasted squash & onion frittata

Roasted squash & onion frittata recipe

Squash, red onion and coriander is one of my favourite flavour combinations. SERVES 6-8 PREP 10 MINUTES COOK 50-55 MINUTES 500g squash or pumpkin, peeled and cut into...
blueberry & raspberry loaf cake

Blueberry & raspberry loaf cake recipe

No cake is easier to pack for a picnic than a loaf cake. This one has a light moist crumb and a lovely crunchy...
courgette chickpea & feta salad

Courgette, chickpea & feta salad recipe

Delicious warm as a light dinner or at room temperature when on a picnic. The beauty is that the flavours get better the longer it...
floral wines

Olly Smith’s best floral wines

Chelsea Flower Show is upon us, and I adore the blooms wreathed in scent. When it comes to wines, the most fragrant tend to...
Eleanor maidment

The Canny Cook: Smoked mackerel, wild rice and beetroot salad recipe

Try to find a combination of brown basmati and wild rice – the nutty flavour and robust texture work well in this wholesome dish. Keeping...

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