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M&S has released a brand new cake in a jar flavour

We can always count on those geniuses at M&S to come up with the next fantastical foodie creation we all go nuts for and...

Rick Stein At Home: Korean prawn fritters with soy, cider vinegar & chilli

This recipe is by Rose, my wife Sas’s cousin’s partner. Being Korean she has a fabulous repertoire of seafood recipes. I love its simplicity...
achiote chickpeas

Rick Stein at Home: achiote chickpeas

I’m obsessed with the flavour of achiote paste, which you can buy from Mexican suppliers or on the internet. This recipe can be vegan...

Tom Parker Bowles & Olly Smith: gastronomic credentials of an old haunt and Spanish...

Tom revels in the glam makeover and sparkling gastronomic credentials of an old haunt. It’s been a while since I was last in The Cadogan...
Rick Stein

Rick Stein At Home: Rick Stein’s taste of home recipes

A childhood pudding plus dishes from family and famous friends: these are the failsafes on delicious repeat in Rick Stein’s kitchen. Barry Humphries' salmon, caper...
pork chops

Rick Stein at Home: pork chops with savoy cabbage & sloes

I came up with this recipe while filming at a brilliant farm restaurant called Coombeshead in Cornwall. It was September and there was a...
apple Charlotte

Rick Stein at Home: apple Charlotte

This is a very special recipe – it’s my mother’s and one of her favourites. SERVES 4 125g butter 350g Bramley apples 350g Cox’s apples 2 tbsp sugar A little...
fish cakes

Rick Stein At Home: Barry Humphries’ salmon, caper & pink peppercorn fishcakes

For my television series Rick Stein’s Cornwall, I asked Barry to come to Cornwall. He insisted on bringing his own fishcakes for me to...
spatchcock chicken

Rick Stein At Home: spatchcocked chicken with tarragon

A spatchcocked chicken roasts much quicker and every part is evenly cooked. SERVES 4-6 1 free-range chicken (about 1.75kg) 90g butter, softened 3 or 4 tarragon sprigs, leaves...

Rick Stein At Home: linguine con tonno

The key here is the Parmesan rind in the sauce which gives it a wonderful savoury taste. Pay particular attention to your salad –...

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