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How To Go Plant-Based: Ella Mills’ plant-powered recipes

Want to cut back on meat and dairy at family meal times? Ella Mills serves up tasty, fuss-free dishes that will keep everyone happy. Minty...
aubergine ragu

Ella Mills’ garlicky roasted aubergine ragu recipe

This is a real favourite. It’s great for batch cooking and is delicious with spaghetti, orzo, piled on to a jacket potato, or you can serve...
minty pea dip

Ella Mills’ minty pea dip recipe

We’ve eaten this almost every week since I can remember. It’s so quick to make, plus it’s really nutritious: peas are loaded with protein,...
harissa chickpea jacket potatoes

Ella Mills’ harissa chickpea jacket potatoes recipe

Jacket potatoes are filling and so versatile. Plus the harissa chickpeas take just 15 minutes to make. Serves 4 4 baking potatoes 1 tbsp olive oil, plus...
berry muffins

Ella Mills’ easy berry muffins recipe

This is a recipe that we make regularly. The banana gives the muffins a touch of sweetness, which is enhanced by the vanilla, and...
mushrooms on toast

Ella Mills’ miso-glazed mushrooms on toast recipe

A little lunch (or brunch) idea that I make on repeat. Serves 4 4 garlic cloves, peeled and finely sliced 2 spring onions, finely sliced 1 tsp fresh...
aldi beer taster

Aldi is on the hunt for an official beer taster

Is a pint of beer your chosen tipple of choice? Do you think of yourself as something of a connoisseur of the hoppy beverage?...

Sabrina Ghayour’s ‘My Muhammara’ recipe

While the classic recipe uses walnuts, I prefer the crunch of roasted hazelnuts. I cut corners by using ready-roasted peppers in brine. Muhammara can...
spiced beef & tomato polow

Sabrina Ghayour’s aromatic spiced beef & tomato polow with peas recipe

One-pot cooking is the saviour of so many occasions and is just the ticket when you want to feed a hungry mob quickly and...
lamb & aubergine kebabs

Sabrina Ghayour’s lamb & aubergine kebabs recipe

My two favourite ingredients are combined in this twist on a charcoal-grilled classic. Just ensure your aubergine is cooked and soft to the touch. I...

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