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Save 20% on premium beauty in this Boots flash sale

As one of our go-to high street stores for beauty and skincare, Boots loves to give back to its customers with a constant plethora...
Sculpted by Aimee Connolly mascara

The mascara that sold out in seven minutes is back in stock

New mascaras are ten to the dozen, but when one sells out in mere minutes of its initial launch, you know it's worth taking...

The silk sleep mask Trinny Woodall can’t go to bed without is on sale

For those of us who have particular needs at bedtime, wearing an eye mask is an absolute must. A mask helps to block out...

These mini powder puffs are being described as a ‘must-have’ during the heatwave

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that anything becomes cuter one you make a teeny-weeny version of it: kittens, ducklings and baby pandas are all...
haircut trend

Fashion is loving this retro-inspired haircut right now

You may have only just recovered from the news that the ‘modern Rachel’ haircut is taking social media by storm, but now we have...
Charlotte tilbury mystery box

Save 50% on Charlotte Tilbury with two new Mystery Boxes

There's always lots to be excited about in the beauty world, but one thing we've come to look forward to in particular is the...

Budget beauty buys that go the extra mile

Premium products don’t have to mean premium price tags. These purse-friendly superstars have been giving luxury brands a run for their money Best budget beauty...
No7 mystery bundles

Boots launches No7 mystery bundles that are better than half price

Listen up, No7 fans! In an exciting - and mysterious - turn of events, Boots has launched five No7 mystery bundles, all costing £40...
celebrity hairdresser Tom Smith

What I learnt from going to a celebrity hairdresser

Visiting the hairdresser has never been a particularly enjoyable experience for me. I've spent a lifetime trotting down to my local high street hair...

The best beauty brands you can buy from M&S

Going into a Marks and Spencer store can sometimes feel like the adult equivalent of a soft play centre. There's the clothing, the homeware,...

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