Caroline Hirons says this is where we should spend our money on skincare

It’s fair to say that aesthetician turned beauty influencer Caroline Hirons knows her stuff when it comes to skincare. Globally qualified and with training in over 100 brands under her belt, it’s no wonder that when Caroline speaks about skincare, we listen.

Caroline Hirons
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In fact, thanks to the pandemic, we’re interested in skincare now more than ever. Beauty brand Foreo recently found that 96 per cent of consumers would rather invest in skincare over make up these days, and Google searches for ‘skincare at home’ have increased by over 100 per cent since February this year.

It’s clear that lockdown has sparked a nationwide renewed interest in skincare – perhaps because we’ve had more time to spend on our morning and nightly routines, plus we’ve all seen the benefits of not wearing make-up every day and we want to keep a good thing going.

Alas, good quality skincare can come at a price, so we were interested to see what products Caroline thinks are truly worth investing our money in for the most effective (and cost effective) skincare routine.

Caroline Hirons
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Interestingly, it’s not all about the cleansers and moisturisers. ‘If you want to budget, spend your money in the middle part of your skincare routine. That means your serum, retinoids, actives,’ explains Caroline during a recent interview with Grazia. ‘Actives deserve a higher price point. I don’t mean that your cleanser and moisturiser need to be cheap, but they certainly don’t have to be as expensive as a good serum.’

With that said, Caroline also believes that if you’ve got deep enough pockets to splurge on designer shoes and handbags, your skincare is an equally worthy investment.

‘Equate your skincare spend to the amount you’d pay for a pair of shoes or a bag,’ she advises. ‘I am forever politely pointing out to people on Instagram who ask me to recommend the best cheap cleanser or moisturiser that they have three Prada handbags on their feed. I’m not suggesting you spend £700 on skincare, but I am the wrong person to ask for cheap product recommendations if you buy designer accessories. When people want to spend more on sunglasses than they do on their face, that’s a problem.’

Skincare Caroline Hirons

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The beauty guru, who’s highly anticipated debut book Skincare has just recently launched, also feels strongly about the power of a high quality vitamin C product for achieving that all-important glow.

‘Use a good quality vitamin C daily,’ she advises. ‘It’s great for day wear because the antioxidants help ward off the damage caused by pollution. It’s also great for use in the evening because of its repair function – just don’t mix with retinol, they don’t work well together. Use an oil-based vitamin C product if you want an instant glow and all stable vitamin C products help boost your collagen production.’