Acne sufferers are crediting this £6 charcoal soap with transforming their skin

Whether you suffered with acne as a teen, or are one of the growing number of people who experience the condition well into adulthood, most of us have tried numerous solutions to tackle problem skin in our time.

Now a surprisingly affordable product is causing a fuss amongst those with acne, for all of the right reasons, both in terms of its effectiveness and its price tag.

Carbon Theory’s £6 Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil facial cleansing bar has won praise from hundreds of purchasers who have found that the product clears up their blemishes and dramatically improves the condition of their skin.

Initially the product was so popular that it completely sold out on the Carbon Theory website and at high street chemist Boots – but to the joy of shoppers everywhere, it’s been restocked and has flown off the shelves ever since.

When Boots shared a snap of the bar on their Instagram page, the comments were full of applause for the properties of the solution.

‘It’s literally a little miracle bar – it’s fixed my skin so much,’ one commenter wrote. ‘I personally use it all the time, but i especially recommend it for travelling, when there are changes in temperature, water hardness, etc.

‘Having a bar frees up space for more liquid makeup if you only have carry-on,’ they added. ‘So good! ?’

‘It helped me with cystic acne and pimples,’ another agreed. ‘It doesnt dry out the skin at all it just leaves it with a squeaky clean feeling.’

‘It’s my holy grail! I tried sooo much stuff, but who new a £6 soap bar would do the trick?’ a third posted. ‘It lasts forever, smells nice and leaves my face squeaky clean! Always looking forward to washing my face!’

The facial cleansing bar, which was formulated by the company in a lab in the UK, uses organic charcoal to draw out impurities, and tea tree oil a natural antiseptic which reduces inflammation and keeps skin clear & healthy. The inclusion of shea butter, meanwhile, prevents the product from becoming drying.

According to MailOnline, celebrity fans of the brand include Made in Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue and influencer Roxie Nafousi.