You can now order the Queen’s daily menu on Uber Eats

Now that temperatures have well and truly dropped, we want any excuse to stay indoors. That means less nights out, more nights in and that only means one thing – restaurant visits have been swapped out for take out and orders on home delivery apps.

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And to celebrate the return of hit Netflix series The Crown, Uber Eats has launched an exciting new menu that allows fans to not only watch the Queen’s dramatic life unfold onscreen but actually dine like her too.

The popular food delivery service has teamed up with Royal Biographer Katie Nicholl and luxury restaurant The Baptist Grill at L’oscar hotel to get insight on exactly what Her Majesty eats in a day, in order to curate a menu inspired by her diet.

We’re talking cornflakes neatly packed in tupperware and royally-approved afternoon tea, to delicious chocolate treats, just like the Queen likes. Though of course, there’ll be no snacking before lunch time as royal enthusiasts will know Her Majesty does not believe in that.

The special menu will be available to order on Uber Eats from today (18 November). However, don’t expect it to be cheap. The Queen’s menu can be ordered as a set menu for a day for £115 or you can buy items separably.

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Announcing the launch, Royal Biographer, Katie Nicholl said: ‘Both a national treasure and one of the world’s most iconic figures, The Queen is loved by many, and it is therefore natural to be intrigued by what she eats in a day. HRH typically starts with a simple cup of tea and biscuits, followed by a bowl of cereal famously served from Tupperware, marmalade on toast and a second cup of English Breakfast tea for breakfast.’

She continued: ‘She never snacks or drinks coffee or anything until lunchtime. This will then usually consist of a light starter such as a salad, a main course such as fish and vegetables, especially Scottish salmon, and no dessert.

‘Tea is one of The Queen’s favourite meals and she religiously takes a break in the late afternoon every day for this. She enjoys a cucumber sandwich with the crusts cut off, a slice of fruit cake and a pot of Earl Grey tea. For dinner, HRH will usually eat a starter followed by a main course, with her favourite dish being lamb in addition to game. For dessert she indulges with a chocolate torte, which is just enough to satisfy her sweet tooth.’

We’re tempted!