A Cadbury Mini Eggs chocolate bar and new Easter egg exist and we want it all now

When Cadbury announced a new Easter-themed chocolate bar back in October, it’s fair to say we all got a bit excited.

mini eggs
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After doing us all a favour by bringing back the Orange Twirl, one of Cadbury’s next chocolatey innovations was a mash up of crunchy Cadbury Mini Eggs and your classic smooth Cadbury chocolate, resulting in: the Cadbury Mini Eggs chocolate bar.

It’s exactly what you’re imagining – that deliciously creamy Cadbury milk chocolate you know and love swirled with pieces of pastel-coloured Mini Eggs, all solidified into a sharing-size bar (your choice whether you actually share it or not). And the best part is, it’s finally on sale, so naturally we’ve already tried it and, spoiler alert: it’s as good as you’re imagining.

Cadbury Mini Eggs bar

Cadbury Mini Eggs Bar, £1, Tesco

The news was first spotted by Instagrammer @johnssnackreviews, who shared it with his foodie-loving followers, saying: ‘NEW Cadbury Mini Eggs Sharing Bar! Coming Soon to the UK! Expected to be released in December as part of the Easter 2021 range! They’re available to buy now for retailers, but I don’t think they’re allowed put them on the shelves yet.’

His followers were equally excited, with comments such as: ‘My life just changed’, ‘good lord need’ and a simple but effective ‘OMG!!!!’ filling the post.

And now, more Mini Egg news has broken. Food blogger @helenjtea took to Instagram to share the news of a new Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Egg, with actual mini eggs embedded in the chocolate shell. Plus, Helen reports that it’s much bigger than the Mini Egg Easter egg offerings of previous years.

Cadbury Mini Egg Easter egg

Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Egg, £12, Tesco

The Cadbury Mini Eggs Bar and Mini Eggs Easter egg are both available to buy in supermarkets now.