Cadbury just unveiled their 2021 Cath Kidston Roses tins and they’re prettier than ever

For the first time ever, Cadbury has collaborated with Cath Kidston on their Christmas Roses tin, much to the delight of fans. The beautiful tins add an extra special edge to the festive season, and for 2021, they certainly will not disappoint with the stunning new designs just unveiled. 

This year, we’ll get not one, but two designs, featuring patterns direct from Cath Kidston Creative Director Holly Marler’s sketchpad. Both tins also feature beautiful hand-painted rosebuds, giving them a super bespoke feel. What’s more, you can pick up both a 800g round tin and a 432g flower-shaped option, depending on what you prefer and what you plan on doing with the tin afterwards. 


Cath Kidston X Cadbury Roses 432g tin, £5.99

Speaking about the new designs, Marler explained: ‘It was an absolute joy to redesign the wonderful iconic Roses tins this year. At Cath Kidston, we have always featured a rose throughout our iconic floral prints as well as championing a feeling of nostalgia so it felt like the perfect match to work with the British favourite, Cadbury Roses.’

Paola Cassinelli, Senior Brand Manager for Cadbury Christmas added: ‘Cath Kidston is such a well-loved brand, with instantly recognisable floral prints that are staples in many homes across the UK. Friends and families will be gathering together and celebrating Christmas rituals with a touch of nostalgia this year, and the limited-edition tins are perfect for those moments and to say thank you to their nearest and dearest.’


Cath Kidston X Cadbury Roses 800g tin, £9.99

While the larger round tin is retailing for £9.99, the smaller flower-shaped design is a mere £5.99, making it a real bargain. The great thing about these tins is that they work so well as confectionary storage long after the Christmas season has passed. For example, the larger tin from this year will serve well as cake tin, while the smaller one will be brilliant for little cupcakes or biscuits. 

Both tins will be available to buy from September. The flower tin is exclusive to Waitrose.