Byredo and Ikea have teamed up to create £5 candles

Attention, Attention: stop what you’re doing, this is a public service announcement. The news that could just turn 2020 around has landed. Okay, that might be a hyperbole, but Byredo, the luxury fragrance and beauty brand, has teamed up with Ikea, of Swedish flatpack furniture, to bring us all a small slice of joy.

From November, you’ll be able to shop bougie Byredo candles at Ikea that cost just £5. You can read it again, but you read it correctly the first time.

Byredo Ikea candles

Byredo is responsible for inventing such iconically named cult scents as Bibliothèque, Gypsy Water and Mojave Ghost, not to mention that nameless scent we all went crazy for. Byredo candles typically go for around the £60 mark for a 240g jar, which, while cheaper than other much-hyped luxury brands like Diptyque, is still a bit much for most of us to fork out on scented wax.

So it’s no wonder that news of the brand creating candles that cost as little as £5 has created more than a stir on the internet.

Byredo Ikea candle

The range of 13 candles is called OSYNLIG ( Swedish for ‘invisible’), and each candle either resides within a fresh, floral or woody subcategory. Each comes in a beautiful two-toned ceramic jar (which we’ll totally be repurposing when the wax has all gone), and has been made using the same quality raw ingredients Byredo is renowned for.

Each aroma available in the new Byredo Ikea candles collection is as follows:

  • Tea leaves and verbena
  • Cassis and freesia
  • Pomegranate and amber
  • Basil and mint
  • Fig and cypress
  • Peach blossom and bamboo
  • Lilac and amber
  • Rose and raspberries
  • Cotton flower and apple blossom
  • Swedish birch and juniper
  • Firewood and spice
  • Sandalwood and vanilla
  • Tobacco and honey
Byredo Ikea candle

Each candle costs £9, except for one key fragrance in each subcategory – Fig and cypress (fresh), Cotton flower and apple blossom (floral) and Tobacco and honey (woody) – which are also available in smaller £5 jars and larger £25 jars.

Byredo founder and creative director Ben Gorham said: ‘The way your home smells is very emotional and plays a huge part in how you feel being there. It isn’t just about things being functional and practical, it’s the place where you come together with family and friends and make memories. We’ve developed an array of smells highlighting the idea that everyone has a different relationship to scents, and nothing is right or wrong.’

The full OSYNLIG collection will be available to buy in Ikea stores only from November. Although we don’t yet have an exact launch date, we predict these will be a sell-out, so keep your eyes peeled for when they land – and expect to queue to get in.