Galaxy are encouraging people to exchange their Dairy Milk for a free Galaxy bar

There are some very British debates surrounding food that never seem to get settled. Scones – jam or cream first? Jaffa Cakes – biscuit or cake? What shade of brown should tea be? We may never reach a general consensus on these matters, but one age-old debate has finally been answered. Which is better – Galaxy or Cadbury’s chocolate?

A new, independent, blind taste test was carried out by some of the UK’s top sensory experts at Sensory Dimensions to reveal which chocolate brand actually comes out on top. *Drumroll please*… The test revealed that the majority of Brits consider Galaxy chocolate tastier than Cadbury’s, which is widely believed to be the nation’s favourite.

The choc-off involved blindfolded Brits receiving two squares of chocolate – one of each brand. They were then asked by the sensory experts which one they preferred.

According to the test, 56 per cent of tasters said Galaxy chocolate. 62 per cent of Brits find Galaxy to be more indulgent, and 76 per cent thought it was a smoother chocolate than Cadbury’s.

To really prove its point, Galaxy has launched a nationwide ‘chocolate amnesty’ to encourage the public to get their hands on the ‘better’ chocolate bar. That’s right, anyone can hand in a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar in return for a free Galaxy bar. All you have to do to claim yours is go to the Galaxy website here and make the exchange.

Ellyse O’Connor, Galaxy’s Senior Brand Manager, said: ‘We think everyone deserves great tasting chocolate, and this independent study proves that people prefer Galaxy to our purple peers. So, send us your Dairy Milk and we’ll swap it for a Galaxy bar. No questions asked… It’s time for the nation to pick a side!’

Galaxy is keeping its exact recipe closely guarded, but it has revealed that using a traditional method of cooking the chocolate, finely milling it and adding a touch of natural vanilla is the secret to sweet success.

Apparently, there are three distinct ‘stages of taste’ while eating Galaxy chocolate. Sarah Billson, Galaxy’s senior sensory scientist, said the three stages are:

  1. The Sweet Release of the first bite that is unmistakably smooth
  2. The Sustained Pleasure of creamy chocolate melting in the mouth
  3. The Galaxy Afterglow of the irresistible taste of chocolate as it lingers on the tongue

We can’t say we’re thinking much about science when we’re chomping on our favourite chocolate bars, but now you know, which team are you on?