Brits are choosing staycations over holidays abroad more than ever before

For many of us, the thought of a summer holiday usually entails scorching sunshine, crystal clear beaches and exotic palm trees – all of which can be hard to imagine in the UK. However, according to a new study, more Brits than ever are swapping out warmer holidays abroad for staycations within the country.

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The research, conducted on 3,000 adults by popular hotel chain, Travelodge, has revealed that almost three out of five people will have their annual summer holiday in the UK this year, a 2% increased compared to last year. Traditional seaside trips to British wonders like Cornwall and Devon (who came out on top for the title of best holiday destinations in the UK amongst respondents) have become firm favourites among the public, and the UK economy is benefiting from it. According to reports, the staycation trend is set to boost the country’s finances by a whopping £31 billion.

The survey also found that one in four are taking more short breaks, with an average of three times per year. The top destinations for these were rural areas such as the Lake District, Scottish Highlands and the Cotswolds. Additionally, it showed that people are now taking shorter summer holidays too, with the average length of a staycation being just one week.

And while you may think that’s because people are saving some cash, think again. Instead, Brits are splashing out a little extra on their home soil getaways, with the average spend on this year’s stay at home vacation being £823 – a 37% increase from last year. It is also the highest spend since Travelodge started its annual holiday index in 2011, when the average spend was £399.

Speaking to HuffPost, Shakila Ahmed of Travelodge declared the UK a ‘staycation nation’, saying: ‘Our annual holiday index confirms that we have become a staycation nation. More Britons than ever are exploring what makes Great Britain so great. We are seeing more Britons booking three-in-one holidays. This includes taking a city, rural and coastal break as part of a one-week holiday.’

In that case, let’s hope the current heatwave is here to stay.