This little-known Boots scheme can more than double your Advantage Card points

Boots is one of the most-loved stores on the British high street, providing the nation with wellness, beauty and healthcare products for decades – and rewarding them for their custom in the form of Advantage Card points.

The free loyalty scheme earns you four points for every pound that you spend in store, which can then be used towards future purchases.

Boots Over 60s rewards
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But now it has emerged that if you meet certain criteria, you could actually be eligible for more than double the amount of points that you’d usually receive, thanks to a little-known extra incentive that kicks in when you reach a certain age.

While it’s not been kept under wraps, with information readily available on the Boots website, there are still plenty of people not taking advantage (no pun intended) of the brand’s Over 60s Rewards – mainly, because they don’t realise it exists.

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However, signing up if you can is a no-brainer – not only will you get an impressive 10 points per pound when you buy Boots’ own lines (think No7, Soltan, and Botanics), there’s a whole host of other perks on offer.

Participants also get a 25 per cent discount on their first pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses, extra points on Boots Hearingcare, and exclusive in-store events including makeovers and prize draws.

Boots Over 60s rewards
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To reap the benefits, you just need to have a Boots account that’s linked to your Boots Advantage Card. Once you’re logged in, head to the dedicated area of the Boots website to register your interest.

Within four to six weeks, you’ll receive a welcome letter, along with a coupon which must be taken into store and scanned at the till. This will activate the 10 points per pound offer, so that you can start crediting your bonuses directly to your Boots Advantage Card. Quick, simple, and totally worth it!