This ‘life changing’ trick will help you get around the 100ml liquid restriction when you fly

Struggling to pack your case for your next trip? A sharp-witted traveler has discovered a ‘life changing’ trick to avoid the liquid restriction at the airport, and its revolutionising people’s holiday plans. 

As you probably know, UK airports only allow customers to carry 100ml of liquids through security – a major pain for those of us who don’t want to part ways with our favorite skincare products or don’t have time to faff about squeezing them into travel-size containers.

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The solution? The airport branches of Boots, which allow customers to click and collect products before they jet off on holiday, which means you can take bigger liquids over 100ml freehold on board.

According to Boots, you can order almost any item from Boots’ website and then choose to collect it at an ‘airside’ shop beyond security.

Not only does ordering online give you a much wider choice than the airport store would usually offer, the trick means that you can pick up your products after security and take them straight on board with you. These items do not have to go in your hand luggage after you’ve picked them up as most airlines allow you to take at least one shopping bag on board.

Gemma Louise, the mastermind behind the hack took to Twitter: ‘Only just discovered the boots click & collect airport trick and it’s life changing.

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The full-time blogger from Scotland added: ‘All the things you can order that don’t count towards your liquid and weight allowance. Incredible.’

Her viral tweet left people in shock as they didn’t know about this top-notch trick.

‘This is the holiday tip of the year,’ one person replied, while another commented ”Deffo recommend this to anyone having to take baby milk!’

‘Omg That’s amazing didn’t know this thanks for sharing will deffo be doing this when I go on holiday in July,’ a third agreed. 

Want to take advantage of the hack? Just remember to place the items over 100ml in your hold luggage on your way back as the liquid restrictions still apply when you are going through security.