B&M is selling an iced coffee maker for just £35

There’s an age-old debate that pops up every time there’s a heatwave in the UK – does drinking a cup of hot tea or coffee actually help to cool you down? Technically, it does because it makes you sweat, which is the body’s way of cooling down. But when you’re already feeling like a sweaty mess, why would you want to do that to yourself?

Enter, the iced coffee. It’s one drink we can’t get enough of as soon as the temperature hits over 20°C. The only problem is, making an iced coffee yourself never quite tastes the same as one made by a professional barista.

Iced coffee

B&M has come to the rescue of iced coffee lovers everywhere by launching a budget-friendly iced coffee maker. All you have to do is fill the machine with coffee grounds and water. Then, add ice into the tumbler and brew. It brews in less than four minutes, after which you pour in the milk and viola, it’s ready to enjoy.

The machine also comes with a handy scoop so you can get just the right amount of coffee every time. Its drip-stop function means there’s no mess to clear up afterwards, too. Fancy a coffee to go? No problem. Simply pop the lid and straw onto the tumbler to take with you.

B&M iced coffee maker

Breville Iced Coffee Maker, £35 (was £39.99), B&M

The grey Breville iced coffee maker has been reduced from £39.99 to £35, so it’s well worth snapping up while it’s on offer, although it was already a bargain beforehand. When you think about how much money you’ll save on iced coffees in the long-run, this seems like a great investment. Plus, there’s bound to be another bout of scorching weather on the way soon (fingers crossed).

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