This is why Bloom & Wild has chosen not to sell red roses this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and one tradition that’s commonly associated with the holiday is sending red roses. A bouquet of roses is up there with cards and chocolates as one of the most recognisable V day tokens of affection, so it was surprising to learn that popular online flower delivery service Bloom & Wild is refusing to stock roses this year.

red roses
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So why exactly has the company made this pretty bold decision? Well, they say people are pretty much over roses, and recipients deserve a more thought-worthy bunch. After seeing last year that many of their customers opted for more colourful, inventive bunches (forgoing roses), they decided to do some research and look into whether roses were worth selling anymore for the special occasion.

Surprisingly, their survey of male and female customers revealed that a whopping 58 per cent thought red roses were cliche. In addition to this, 79 per cent said they want a unique and thoughtful gift over something traditional like red roses, and 70 per cent of women would prefer something else. 38 per cent even revealed that they think of red roses as a last minute gift or a gift with little thought.

Bloom & Wild
Bloom & Wild

With this information to hand, Bloom & Wild decided to skip the roses in a move that they hope will encourage buyers to choose something more personal and unique for Valentine’s day 2021. And those looking for ideas won’t be short of them at Bloom & Wild; in fact, there are so many amazing bouquet options, without a red rose in sight.

The website now has a dedicated Valentine’s Day section, meaning it’s easier than ever to select something lovely. We’re big fans of the gorgeous ‘Leanne’ bouquet, which boasts a selection of freesias, tulips, snapdragons, olive foliage, eucalyptus, and nerine, and looks like a peach dream in a vase.

Leanne flowers
Bloom & Wild

The Leanne, £40, Bloom & Wild

And remember that Bloom & Wild’s flowers are sent through the post, meaning you can get something special to your person this year, despite the ongoing lockdown.