This giant picnic blanket is the size of a WHALE and can seat 30 people

We love a picnic but too often we find ourselves sharing a picnic blanket the size of a flannel with five other people… Well, with post-lockdown picnics on the rise, BLOOM Gin has launched ‘The Blanquet’, a GIANT picnic blanket that is the size of a killer whale and can comfortably sit 30 people.


The Blanquet came about after BLOOM Gin conducted a survey that found that 1 in every 10 Brits have made preparations to ‘impress’ friends and family outdoors as lockdown restrictions lift.

The survey found that a third of UK adults will be hosting more picnics this summer than in previous years and two fifths (43 per cent) are planning to host more creative get-togethers with friends and family.


Survey respondents also said they will be sparing no expense when it comes to the comfort and enjoyment of their guests, with chairs (40 per cent), fancy blankets (30 per cent), cushions (29 per cent) and even gazebos (per cent) top of the list.

With the sun shining too, it’s no surprise then that we’re celebrating the loosening of restrictions by getting together outside whether it be a BBQ or a picnic. With the Blanquet, however, you won’t need to limit the number of family and friends you invite as there is more than enough room for 30 of your loved ones.

BLOOM Gin hopes that by launching the Blanquet it can do what glamping did to camping and make picnicking a luxurious outdoor experience.


The Blanquet by BLOOM Gin, £75, Firebox

The Blanquet itself measures 6.5m x 1.5m and is shaped much like a banquet table. It also features a colourful gingham print much like a traditional picnic blanket and is available in limited quantities on Firebox for £75.

Hurry though, with the trend for post-lockdown picnics on the rise, we imagine The Blanquet won’t be in stock for very long.