The best value UK city breaks have been revealed

If you’re in need of a quick getaway this autumn/winter season but can’t commit to the idea of travelling abroad, we’ve got just the thing. The best value city breaks in the UK have just been revealed, meaning you can have a fabulous (and affordable) short-break, no airport visits required.

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Travel website Skyscanner – which is known for detecting the cheapest flight deals for destinations around the world – has launched a new Rail feature offering travellers the chance to book train tickets with no booking fee. For the first time, the company will allow customers to find the best train ticket deals via their app – and to promote this, they did some digging to identify the best value breaks within the UK by looking at live train prices, their hotel price data and the average cost of dinning.

Their research found that Birmingham was the best value city to visit in the UK, closely followed by Liverpool and Glasgow, while Manchester and Oxford placed fourth and fifth.

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Top 5 best value UK city breaks by train

  1. Birmingham
  2. Liverpool
  3. Glasgow
  4. Manchester
  5. Oxford
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Commenting on the new Rail feature, Lisa Tyndall, Skyscanner Senior Growth Manager said: ‘Travelling by train means your trip starts the moment the train leaves the station, so you can get more out of a weekend get-away. We decided to dive into our data to uncover which UK city offers the best value when travelling by train for a romantic weekend escape that doesn’t break the bank.

‘Couples could travel from London to Birmingham for just £13.50 per person by train. It is also worth couples checking out railcards to secure even more money off. Plus travelling by train also opens some great 2 for 1 attractions at destinations to really make the trip value for money.’

To make the most of the cheap train deals, download the Skyscanner app.