Self-tanning drops for getting a glow this summer

It’s not the only reason we go on holiday in the summer, but coming home with sun-kissed skin (earned safely through a shield of SPF, of course) is certainly a nice added bonus of spending a week or two in a sunnier clime. But seeing as international travel is a bit all over the place at the moment, we’re keeping a back up for different ways to achieve that golden glow.

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Self-tanning mousses and lotions have been around for years, but however much the formulas (and smell) improve, it’s often still a laborious, messy and tricky application process. Gradual tanning moisturisers are another option, but again they often come with an overpowering smell that can be hard to cover – so for something super reliable and easy to apply, tanning drops are your best friend.

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Relatively new to the market compared to your other fake tanning options, this clever alternative doesn’t require a mitt for application – simply mix a few drops into your usual daily moisturiser, rub into your skin as normal and in a few hours time you’ll have a definite, noticeable glow. Build up day after day and you’ll have a natural-looking tan in no time.

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Skinny Tan

Just like fake tan, the products are often available in light, medium and dark shades, plus you have full control over exactly how many drops go into your moisturiser so it’s totally custom-made.

Some formulas are specially made for the face, such as TAN-LUXE’s The Face, while others do more than just give you a sun drenched glow – the Sienna X Sleep Gradual Tanning Drops contain a bespoke combination of organic coconut oil, avocado oil and meadowfoam oil to boost moisture and collagen within the skin as well as reduce the signs of ageing.

Self-tanning drops for getting a glow this summer

Isle of Paradise tanning drops

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops, £13.30 (was £19.95), Boots

James Reid tanning drops

James Read H20 Gradual Tan Drops Face, £25.50 (was £30), LOOKFANTASTIC

TAN-LUXE face tanning drops
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TAN-LUXE The Face Illuminating Self-Tan Drops, £36, Cult Beauty

skinny tan face drops

Face by Skinny Tan Moisturising Oil Drops, £13.59 (was £16.99), LOOKFANTASTIC

Balance Me tanning drops
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Balance Me Gradual Tanning Drops, £22.50, Feel Unique

Sienna X tanning drops

Sienna X Sleep Gradual Tanning Drops, £15.95, Feel Unique

Tanologist tanning drops

Tanologist Self-Tan Drops Dark, £15.99, Superdrug

Lumene tanning drops

Lumene Nordic-C [VALO] Self-Tan Drops, £25.90, LOOKFANTASTIC

Oskia tanning drops
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Oskia Adaptive Self Tanning Drops, £72, Feel Unique