The best reusable water bottles for every lifestyle

Drinking more water and doing our bit to help the planet are high on our to-do lists these days – and a reusable water bottle can help make both tasks significantly easier.

No matter your daily routine or the amount of space in your bag, we’ve rounded up eight of the best reusable water bottles to help you stay hydrated on the go, without the need for single-use plastic.


Best for: staying cool
Capacity: 260ml-750ml

S’well bottles promise to keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12, thanks to their triple-walled ThermaS’well technology. The wide opening means there’s room to drop ice cubes in to get you off to a super-chilled start.

From £26 for a 260ml bottle, John Lewis


Best for: style and substance
Capacity: 250ml-1 litre

Looking for a glass water bottle? Look no further than BKR. Their iconic bottles come in an Insta-friendly range of pretty pastel shades – and they’re tough, too. BRK bottles are bounce-resistant and come with a signature small mouth opening for easy sipping.

From £22 for a 250ml bottle,


Best for: fun prints and patterns
Capacity: 260ml-750ml

If you like your containers customised, you’re going to want to check out Chilly’s. From avocados to flamingos, they’ve got it all – plus the same efficient performance and high quality materials you’d hope to see under the surface.

From £20 for a 260ml bottle, Chilly’s

Joseph Joseph

Best for: a timely reminder
Capacity: 600ml

Joseph Joseph’s Dot Tracking Water Bottle ‘counts’ how often you refill it, making it ideal for those who need the occasional prompt to stay hydrated. By the time all four of the dots on the cap are lit up, you’ll have gone through an impressive 2.4 litres.

£9.99, Lakeland


Best for: keeping clean
Capacity: 500ml

StaySixty bottles are crafted from stainless steel and coated with a rubberised paint, giving them a lovely grip in your hand. The best bit? The clever removable base, which allows you to wash the bottle after each use with ease.

£29.95, StaySixty


Best for: squeezing into small spaces
Capacity: 180ml-750ml

These slimline reusable water bottles have been ‘designed to fit where other bottles don’t’. The durable, BPA-free flat design is available in a variety of sizes that resemble the dimensions of a sheet of paper – so no matter how small your bag, you can still carry a memobottle.

From £19.95 for an A7 bottle,


Best for: active lifestyles
Capacity: 355ml-1900ml

KleenKanteen’s insulated bottles are as sturdy and sensible as they look. Whether you want to carry water, coffee, smoothies or even beer, they can maintain temperature for up to 90 hours – and the larger sizes are great for longer outings, too.

From £22.99,

Bobble Plus

Best for: people who don’t like water
Capacity: 590ml

Bobble’s multi-function filter allows you to infuse your water with slices of fruit or sprigs of herb – so it’s the bottle to buy if you quickly get bored of plain old H2O. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, and one of the most affordable options on the market.