Lidl sells 16,000 glasses an hour of these two £5 red wines

We all love a glass of vino, and there’s nothing better than finding a bargain bottle that still tastes amazing. Luckily, retailers such as Lidl always have some great offerings, and the British public certainly took advantage of these deals over the Christmas period.

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In fact, they loved two certain bottles so much that Lidl sold a combined 16,000 glasses per hour of them. The bottles in question were the Rioja Joven and Argentinan Malbec, both of which are part of Lidl’s core wine collection and available to buy year-round.

But what’s most impressive is that both bottles are totally wallet-friendly. In fact, they will even give you change from a five pound note (just about!). At £4.99 each, these bottles of wine are a fail-safe option for wine lovers on a budget.

Lidl describe the Rioja Joven as being a refreshing wine with bright black plum aromas making it juicy and appetising. Because of its versatility, it can also be paired with anything from pizza to steak.

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The Argentinian Malbec is ripe and plummy, and has a dry and savoury finish that makes it perfect for pairing with a steak or other grilled meats.

Speaking about the popularity of these two bottles, Lidl’s Master of Wine Richard Bampfield has explained: ‘It’s wonderful to see that Rioja and Argentinian Malbec continue to be so popular, with both demonstrating that you don’t need to spend over the odds for high quality wine.

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He continued: ‘The Malbec is a particular favourite of mine – it’s delicious paired with roast beef on a Sunday!’

The news that these two bottles have sold spectacularly well must come as no surprise to Lidl, who saw wines becoming the fastest growing sector over Christmas, up 21 per cent in 2019 compared to last year.

We know which supermarket we’re headed to this weekend.