This B&B in Scarborough is the best-rated in the world by TripAdvisor

Since (some) international travel was given the green light from 17 May, the price of flights and interest in European destinations such as Portugal have skyrocketed. The good news is, you don’t actually have to travel that far to visit the number one best-rated B&B in the world though. In fact, it’s right here in the UK in Scarborough.

Scarborough / Getty Images

That’s right, although travel looked a little different in 2020, TripAdvisor still published its annual Travellers’ Choice ‘Best of Best’ list which is drawn from analysing millions of reviews from travellers that have been there before. This year TripAdvisor crowned the Toulson Court Bed and Breakfast in Scarborough the best B&B in the world in the Travellers’ Choice Awards.

With over 1,500 glowing 5-star reviews and situated just a stone’s throw from Scarborough beach, it’s easy to see why Toulson Court was crowned the best B&B in the world.

Torquay / Getty Images

This isn’t the first award Toulson Court has won either. In fact, it’s also been rated the number 1 bed and breakfast on TripAdvisor in Scarborough since 2016. That is 4 years running!

But Toulson Court wasn’t the only B&B in the UK to make the ‘Best of Best’ list with The Torcroft in Torquay coming in third and Dorset House in Lyme Regis following in fourth.

Lyme Regis / Getty Images

Whether you head up north to Scarborough then or travel down south to Torquay or Lyme Regis, it seems like you’re guaranteed a good time at one of these B&B’s. In fact, TripAdvisor described each of the B&B’s in the ‘Best of Best’ list as ‘sweet, serene stays that mellowed out travellers’. Sounds like the perfect summer escape if you ask us! 

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