The best Joe Wicks workouts to do now that ‘PE with Joe’ has finished

Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, has become the nation’s unofficial PE teacher through his daily live streamed workouts, taking place every weekday morning since schools closed back in March. Originally intended for kids, whole families and people of all ages, even those in care homes, have been inspired by Joe’s infectious enthusiasm and natural charm to join in with ‘PE with Joe’, igniting a new love of fitness across the UK.

PE with Joe

However, after 78 workouts, 80 million views and a staggering 2,271 years of total watch time (not to mention £580k raised for NHS Charities Together), Joe is calling it a day on PE with Joe – for now. Although he promises to be back with more live workouts later in the year, this news might have left you wondering how you’re going to get your daily Joe Wicks fix you’ve become accustomed to waking you up every morning.

If you want to carry on your fitness journey with Joe, his Youtube channel, The Body Coach TV, is quite literally ‘the home of home workouts’ and so we’ve rounded up some of his most popular YouTube workouts to follow along with from the comfort of your living room. They’re all short, quick videos, so they’re easy to fit into your busy day, and there’s something for everyone, from beginners HIIT and ab-blasting exercises to warm up and cool down routines and workouts for seniors.

5 of the best Joe Wicks home workouts

HIIT home workout for beginners

Despite being uploaded 5 years ago, this 20 minute HIIT workout for beginners is Joe’s number one most popular video on Youtube, and it’s easy to see why: in 20 minutes you complete 4 rounds of 4 30 second exercises, enough to get your heart rate up and a sweat on but with exercises anyone can do such as high knees, burpees and power squats.

15 minute fat burning HIIT workout – no equipment

Another of Joe’s all-time most popular workouts is this super quick, fast paced, high intensity interval training that requires zero equipment, ideal for those of us without a home gym (so most of us). A great one for getting a sweat on in your lunch break.

10 minute home workout for seniors

Aimed at seniors, this low impact, slow paced workout is perfect for anyone with a lower range of mobility or level of fitness. The workout includes arm raises, toe touches and low impact squats.

How to cool down after a HIIT session

Cooling down properly is just as important as the workout itself in order to avoid injury, especially after an explosive HIIT season. This quick video shows you some quick and easy dynamic and static stretches to do just that.

P.E with Joe – Monday 23rd March 2020

Despite the PE with Joe series ending, every daily workout is available to rewatch again and again on his Youtube channel. Thanks to it’s phenomenal success, day 1 of the series has become Joe’s second most popular video to date, having garnered 6.9 million views. Join Joe as he leads a fun workout of mountain climbers, star jumps and lunges.