This is the affordable secret to J-Lo’s glowing skin at 50

Winter is not the kindest season when it comes to our skin. Between the freezing temperatures outside, drying central heating indoors and the lack of natural vitamin D, most of us find our complexions looking drained and lacklustre. But not Jennifer Lopez.

While most of us are still slowly emerging from our January hibernation, J-Lo began February with a bang by fronting the Super Bowl Halftime Show with fellow singing sensation Shakira, and fans couldn’t get over how amazing the duo looked.

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In fact, the performance sent many of us down a rabbit hole of research to try and find out just how J-Lo gets her incredibly flawless skin, and one particular product kept coming out on top: glycolic acid.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine previously, Jennifer, who turned 50 last July, revealed thats she uses ‘glycolic acid to get that healthy glow and clear skin.’ And if it’s good enough for J-Lo…

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What is glycolic acid, and why is it so good?

Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (usually abbreviated to AHA), and has a notably low molecular weight than most acids, which means it’s excellent at penetrating the skin and generating results quickly.

It’s a powerhouse exfoliator, lifting away dead skin cells to reveal the brighter, healthier ones underneath, and helps to keep skin clear by unclogging pores and removing blockages of sebum before they can break out into acne.

But that’s not the only benefit of glycolic acid: because it improves the renewal process and cell turnover, with prolonged use skin looks brighter and has a smoother texture. Glycolic has even been shown to stimulate collagen production, leading to reduced appearance of fine lines.

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As well as her go-to glycolic, J-Lo also follows a few other basic rules to keep her skin looking great: ‘I never go to bed without taking my makeup off, [and I use] night creams to keep my skin hydrated. As for daytime, SPF is k-e-y. You have to protect your skin,’ she says.

She also credits her complexion to ‘drinking lots of water and fresh foods with lots of fruits and vegetables,’ adding that they ‘all play into the quality of skin’s appearance. I keep them with me all the time.’