The best Christmas wreaths for 2021

Décor trends will come and go, but Christmas wreaths remain as firmly in favour for 2021 as they have for centuries previously.

Whether you like your wreath traditional – we’re thinking fir tree branches, pine cones and perhaps the odd bow – or prefer something more modern, such as a metallic or minimalist number, the high street will have something to tickle your festive fancy this year.

Light-up wreaths have also become very popular recently, with cleverly-concealed batteries allowing you to display a glittering, sparkling wreath full of seasonal cheer.


The use of wreaths as Christmas decorations is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years – in fact, it’s closely linked to the introduction of that other festive staple, the Christmas tree.  In the 16th century, when people started introducing these evergreens to their homes, they needed to prune the tree as part of the process, and ended up using the offcuts to weave into decorative wreaths (nothing went to waste in those times). At first, these wreaths were hung on the branches of the tree itself, before eventually becoming a standalone decoration.

Luckily, we don’t have to weave our own wreaths any more, although the idea of avoiding waste – and choosing a wreath that you will be happy to display year after year – is definitely something we can get on board with. Here are our favourite Christmas to choose from…


Upcycled Christmas wreath, £165, Selfridges


Berry and Leaves Heart Wreath, £15, Dunelm

Wool wreath, £116, Anthropologie

M&S star wreath

Pre-lit Star Wreath, £15, Marks & Spencer

Winter Rose wreath, £13.99, Etsy

Handmade Christmas wreath, £38.22, Etsy

Glitter-embellished faux eucalyptus wreath, £44, Selfridges

Bauble wreath, £18, Habitat

Copper River Leaf wreath, £35, John Lewis

marks and spencer wreath

Pre-lit Pine Cone and Red Berry wreath, £39.50, Marks & Spencer

Silver Mountain Holly wreath, £35, John Lewis 

Red Berry wreath, £29.50, Marks & Spencer

Evergreen wreath, £45, The White Company