The best dried flowers to keep your home looking fresh

During our current health crisis, there are quite a lot of trivial things we may miss doing and buying, and one of them may be fresh flowers. Flowers can really brighten up a home, as well as emitting a gorgeous scent in any room. As you’ll most likely be spending even more time at home these days too, you may be really feeling the void.

Enter: dried flowers. Flowers of the dried variety are really making a comeback, and it’s a great time to take advantage of this cool interiors trend. According to Etsy, there has actually been an impressive 93 per cent increase in searches for dried flowers in six months, compared to the same time last year. 

dried flowers
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‘This resurgence is due in part, I think, to prolific posts from lifestyle bloggers who have documented pretty little bunches of posies all over their homes,’ explains Rosie Conroy, florist at Lavender and Rose.

There are many benefits to having dry flowers in the home, as well as sending a bunch to a friend in need right now. The obvious one is longevity; dried flowers can literally last a lifetime, so are a great investment that will never look sad or smell bad. 

‘These ever-lasting florals are perfect for adding texture and interest to shelves or corners which need a little pick me up, and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes,’ says Rosie. 

As well as coming in a beautiful array of styles, unlike faux flowers, they also don’t contain any plastic, so are more eco-friendly than buying them fake.

dried flowers
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However, Rosie recommends trying to avoid dyed versions, which ‘are generally chemically treated in a pretty harsh way, which isn’t the best environmentally speaking.’ Buying one or two versions such as these shouldn’t do too much harm though: ‘they do last for years and as a one-off purchase are a good way to inject a little floral fun into your life.’

As well as traditional dried flowers, these days you can also buy gorgeous pampas grass and bunny tails for an extra hit of texture. These tend to be super tall, so can be housed in that spectacular vase you’ve been looking to fill.

Dried flowers are also easier to post as they’re less delicate, meaning a lovely pick-me-up for your closest friend or family member who may be having a tough time right now.

With that in mind, here are just some of our favourite bunches to buy now.

8 of the best bunches of dried flowers to have delivered to your door

etsy dried bouquetSummer Haze Dried Flower Bouquet, £26.00, Etsy

A beautiful summer bouquet which will look glorious in the kitchen as the warmer weather sneaks in. 

trouva dried bouquetDried Flower XL Bouquet, £52.49, Trouva 

This spring-friendly bunch is impressively sized and features Pampas Grass, Papaver, and Craspedia. 

trouva pampas grassSmall Natural Taupe Brown Cortaderia Pampas Grass, £12.50, Trouva 

Perhaps the most popular dried plant right now is pampas grass, and this one is delicately coloured for an extra edge. 

anthropologie dried bouquetsMini Preserved Floral Bouquet, £14, Anthropologie

Simple, small and sweet, these are lovely for sending to friends. 

dried flowersBouquet of Dried Flowers in Green and Pink, £14.26, Etsy 

Not just for weddings, these are textured and elegant. 

orange dried bouquetVibrant Orange & Yellow Bouquet, £45.00, The Dried Flower Shop 

Pick these up for peak summertime to add some sunshine to your home. 

Vintage Garden Rose Bouquet, £95.00, The Dried Flower Shop

A simply stunning bouquet with Autumnal colours, this is the ultimate investment. 

dried eucalyptusDried Eucalyptus Bouquet, £24, Anthropologie

Sometime a little foliage is all you need – simple, but very effective.