10 board games that are perfect for small groups this Christmas

With the Omicron variant of Covid causing cases to rise at record rates, Christmas might not be the big, riotous group celebration we’re used to this year. But, board games are a classic Christmas pastime that we won’t be giving up, no matter how many (or few) people we have around the table.

people playing board game
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These 10 board games have all been handpicked for their suitability for small groups, with no compromise on fun. From head-scratching trivia and word games to hilarious new concepts (that actively encourage you to pick up your smartphone) and traditional fare like dominoes, one thing we won’t be stuck for this Christmas is how to have fun.

10 board games perfect for small groups

Weird Things Human Search For
House of Fraser

Weird Things Humans Search For Card Game, £14.99 (was £20), WHSmith

The card gives the start of a popular internet search, you’ve just got to guess the most popular ending.


Confident? Board Game, £19.99, Amazon

For each question (eg. how many slices in a medium loaf of bread?), give a numerical range as your answer – the smallest, and therefore most confident, range wins.

Friends Trivial Pursuit

Friends Trivial Pursuit Bitesize, £12.99, Waterstones

Test your knowledge of the hit US sitcom Friends with these on-the-go question cards.

P For Pizza
Oliver Bonas

P is for Pizza Board Game, £9, John Lewis

You’ve got a category (eg. pizza toppings) and a letter, all you’ve got to do is shout out a word that connects them both first.


Azul, £28.49 (was £39.99), Zatu

On top of the extremely beautiful design of this game, it’s suitable for up to four players max, which makes it great for small groups. A quick, strategic game that will fast become a family favourite.


Bananagrams, £11.99, Travelling Man

Anyone who’s a fan of Scrabble will love Bananagrams – like Scrabble but without the board or the loooong waits for everyone else to take their turns, it’s an addictive fast-paced word game.

Countdown Letters Card Game

Countdown Letters Card Game, £7.99, Amazon

Love Countdown? This simple card game will get you testing your noggin with endless letters rounds.

Phone Fever
Toys Central

Phone Phever Board Game, £56, Toys Central

For those who can’t help but pick up their phone during a board game, this is ideal as it’s a race for who can find things on their smartphone the quickest.


Blokus Board Game, £25.99, Amazon

One of the best-rated two-player board games on Amazon, any Tetris addicts will instantly fall in love with Blokus.

Dog Domino
Oliver Bonas

Dog Dominoes, £9.95, Liberty

Take things back in time with a classic game of dominoes – these ones have been pepped up with pictures of dogs for ultimate cuteness.