This £10 eye mask is the cure to your sleepless nights, according to Amazon shoppers

Sleepless nights are certainly up there with the most frustrating things to deal with – especially when you’ve got a long week and a busy schedule ahead of you.

And while we all have our own individual ways to help us drift off at night – some of us enjoy a bit of bedtime reading to relax, while others follow a strict skincare regime to help us unwind – at times, it can still be hard to get some quality shut-eye. That is, until now.

According to shoppers on Amazon, there’s a magical new mask promising to solve all of our sleeping issues. The Bedtime Bliss eye mask, priced at just £10, has been the talk of the town after receiving endless positive reviews by satisfied customers on the website. But what is so special about it?

Bedtime Bliss eye mask

The bestselling product may look like a standard eye mask, but it has a puffy contoured design that allows you to open your eyes with the mask still on to complete darkness. This also means you can have a more comfortable night’s sleep as you won’t feel something pressed up against your eyelids (which is often the case when wearing usual eye masks) and instead just feel a gentle stroke from two cloud-like pillows on your face.

Bedtime Bliss Mask, who created the mask, claim that the total darkness that it provides allows for undisturbed REM (rapid eye movement) sleep which helps you feel more rested when you wake up in the morning. Clever, right?


Bedtime Bliss Mask, £9.99, Amazon

It has definitely proved to be hit among Amazon users, with the product receiving almost 3,000 reviews – 67% of which are 5 star. ‘This is amazing, I love that I can blink while wearing it, nothing pressed on my eyelids, its material doesn’t get sweaty and its super comfy,’ one customer wrote.

Another said: ‘I bought this one for my son who has to take melatonin on a regular basis to help him sleep, otherwise he is laying in bed for hours. Since purchasing this mask, he has been falling asleep in under 30 minutes!!! I am so excited for him.’

‘What I loved was that if almost felt like I wasn’t wearing anything and at the same time was fulfilling its purpose by shut all the lights out,’ a third agreed. ‘Definitely recommend it.’