Recycle 5 empty beauty products at John Lewis and receive a £10 voucher

It is no secret that the beauty industry is a huge contributor to global pollution, producing 120 billion units of packaging each year. To combat it, back in 2019, John Lewis launched BeautyCycle, the first beauty recycling initiative available across the UK. Now, with World Earth Day just around the corner, John Lewis is doubling the reward that My John Lewis Members will receive when they use the BeautyCycle scheme.

John Lewis

That’s right, from 19 April to 3 May, My John Lewis Members will receive a £10 voucher to spend on beauty when they recycle five empty beauty products from any brand.

The process is super simple too, all you have to do is sign up for free to be a My John Lewis Member and then collect five or more empty beauty products to bring into your local store. Hand them over at any of the beauty counters when making a beauty purchase and you will receive a £10 voucher.

John Lewis

The good news is, the empty beauty products needn’t have been bought from John Lewis either so you can recycle a huge range of beauty and skincare products with jars, tubes and bottles all accepted.

Each component will then be recycled, composted, or made into pellets that can be moulded into new products like storage containers, plastic lumber and outdoor furniture.

John Lewis

The numbers speak for themselves too, since 2019, John Lewis customers have donated 46,000 times to the BeautyCycle and saved an incredible 231, 000 products from going to landfill. Phew!

Though the reward is doubled until 3 May, from 4 May onwards, John Lewis customers will still receive £5 off their spend each time they use the BeautyCycle scheme.

What could be better than doing your part to save the planet and getting money off new beauty products?

Find out more about John Lewis’ BeautyCycle scheme here